What exchanges are you having luck with? Be wary of bitforex

So i’m on a seemingly endless search for an exchange to trade Grin on.

I first tried signing up for Gate.io but had all this stuff in my face about needing to verify my account. Is it accurate that one can not use gate.io without verification?

I then looked into poloniex. On their sign in page it says I wouldn’t be able to trade without kyc. Next…

Now I signed up for bitforex. Seemed legit, deposited some grin, sold it and bought some bitcoin cash to withdrawal to coinbase which will be converted to btc and withdrawn to avoid btc withdrawal fees. Well, so far 5 hours later no luck with the withdrawal. It has finally moved to the ‘audit complete’ status (whatever that means) but still not done… which sucks because who knows what the price of BCH will be on coinbase before this is over…

Definitely not going to use bitforex because of dying of old age during withdrawals could be an additional risk so I signed up for mxc only to find out their grin wallet hasn’t been working since july 11th. Next…

Signed up for coinex and had the pleasure to find out deposits work but for some reason withdrawals aren’t working. FML why is this so hard…

OK so after sacrificing my entire sunday I have signed up finally with KuCoin. Withdrawals and deposts work, check. Liquidity-ish for trading ok? Check. No privacy violating KYC? Check.

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with Grin on KuCoin? Please share. Or, suggest some other exchange I can sign up and roll the dice with.

it works I used niffler wallet

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Use tradeogre.com. No KYC. support Grin withdrawals through file transfer.


I’ve used Poloniex and TradeOgre so far.

Poloniex gives up some privacy. They do KYC and they only let me withdraw using HTTP/HTTPS. File downloads are more discrete and AFAIK Poloniex does not give this option, yet. For these reasons I would only use it for trading / investment purposes. I think it is awesome how they are supporting the community by giving donations over time.

TradeOgre is super nice in that it requires no KYC. You can trade BTC for GRIN. The site design is super simple, which is a plus in my mind, but it does 2-factor auth. I wouldn’t leave my coins here, but it is a good place to pick up new coin. You can only withdraw with the file method.

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