Active Exchanges 2.0

Hello Grinners,

Because it is no longer possible to edit the old topic:

Hereby the active exchanges 2.0. I will keep this list updated during the time.

updated 17-01-2021

║─── Active trading and withdraw/deposit ───║

║ ── Active trading but no withdraw/deposit ──║

║─────────── Risky unknown────────║

║─Those below don’t mimblewimble anymore ─║

HOTBIT | OMGFIN | Hitbtc | Bittrex | MXC | Poloniex | BisQ | HomiEx | GrinSWAP Vault 713 | VCC | Bitmesh | Bgogo :skull_and_crossbones:


Tradeogre did a good job!


CoinEx info:

CoinEx has USDT TRC-20


How to deposit: TradeOgre


How to withdraw: TradeOgre


What about Bisq? Any news after this Buying/selling grin not possible through bisq? · Issue #2261 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub? I think we’re in a better shape today.

We need to provide an easy to use proof-veryfying online service to Bisq moderators first.

I think someone is planning to work on such a service in the coming months.

Might be @mcm-mike of


@bluimes please check hotbit and bitforex and update post if thay open whithdraw and depozite

From a global perspective, we are working on providing a solution for this problem. We thinking of making it interactive and open-source so other users can work on it and improve it.

But perhaps @renzokuken can give a short update on this topic ?


@mably yes! as @mcm-mike briefly mentioned we are already working on it. The beta prototype is on its way. It will be an API endpoint protected with very restrictive rate limiting. It will provide our public key and signed and time-stamped verification for given payment proofs.



What’s going on with Kucoin?
I have coins on it.
Do I have a chance to get them back?

& i wont sell my grins

Hi, I got an answer from Bella at Kucoin and it was that “GRIN is under maintenance” and that they will post an update as soon as they are done. I have been with Kucoin for a long time and think they are really helpful.


The basic principle is that if it’s not your own wallet and keys, it’s not yours. So after buying you have to send it to your own wallet either on a PC or Android.

No matter how tough an exchange’s security features are, there is always a way to penetrate it.

so there is onlly 1 exchange so far that have deposit & widrawls ?? cant be true…
please keep updating this list

It is sadly very true till now.

hotbit is working. can’t find anyone selling GRIN lol

so hotbit add back http?

negative, just tried and now they’re only accepting deposits

If only tradeogre have a TRC20 GRIN / USDT pair