Withdraw from Bittrex

Withdrawals are back on bittrex so it’s time to finally leave the exchange causing so much FUD in the privacy world

It’s my first time withdrawing and I haven’t managed to make it work yet

On Bittrex I start the withdrawal and download their Transaction File which is in a .slatepack format.

On GRIN ++ I have status “running” and “wallet is reachable”

When I open “receive grins” I try to enter the bittrex slatepack info into the left window

  • I’ve tried to drag and drop the .slatepack file into the window but no reaction
  • I’ve tried to open the slatepack file in textedit and copye paste the code "beginslatepack 15 addresses endslatepack) into the left window => I get the error

I’ve tried niffler too but I also get an error when I upload the slatepack file in order to get the slatepack answer.

Does anyone have tips on what I might be doing wrong? Or could something go wrong from bittrex’ side? Did anyone else withdraw from bittrex?

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It seems a little weird that they offer files instead of copy and paste messages, but maybe they implemented slatepacks and reused their existing UI flows for that.

Since it is not clear to me based on your post, did you include the period ‘.’ characters when you copied and pasted the message?


you need use grin-wallet and maybe also old ver that support file slate but am not sure

This is the file that I downloaded from Bittrex with pat of the address covered

Looks like a good slatepack message to me…

Did not include “”, just copy pasted the content of the message as showed above

Any idea why I might get an error in GRIN ++ and Niffler when I enter this message?

No, sorry. I can also only suggest to try with grin-wallet: Install - Grin Documentation

Thank you for trying. If the GUI’s don’t work, that would be my next step yes…

This is the error I get in GRIN ++

Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 16.01.33

Maybe you accidentally copied and pasted linebreaks or invisible characters that Grin++ cannot handle, but I am just wildly guessing. Trying with a better editor such as Notepad++ might be worth to try.

@david, @davidtavarez: Does Grin++ remove non-ASCII characters and newlines when importing slatepack messages?

Can you DM me the file? Only you will be able to finalize it on bittrex, so it should be safe to share.

Yes, the front-end doesn’t (the code you linked), but the backend should take care of all of that.

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Sure! Just sent it by DM

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They’re using an invalid sender address, but that’s apparently legal for plaintext slates. Grin++ does not handle that well. I’ll give @davidtavarez the fix and hopefully he can get a new version out soon for you.

Edit: It doesn’t seem like he’s around right now, so I just went ahead and kicked off a build for a new beta release. I’ll post here when it’s ready.


Thank you very much for the help @david ! And thanks in advance to keep me informed @davidtavarez

Would it be useful for me to contact Bittrex explaining the problem?I’d be happy to forward them your explanation of the issue because I’m not technical enough to understand what is going wrong.

No need, since technically they’re the ones following the standard and Grin++ isn’t. Although it would be really wise of them to switch to encrypted slates, they’re within their right to just stick with plaintext.


The latest best is ready: Release Grin++ Wallet and Node v1.2.4-beta.3 · GrinPlusPlus/GrinPlusPlus · GitHub

Remember, the Telegram Grin++ Support Channel may be the quickest way to the support.


Great job guys, I tested it and it works

Awesome that you managed to update it in a few hours of time!


just the newlines, why?