Withdrawals for my grin - bittrex

hello, sorry … my english is a little bad.

I have problems with withdrawals for my grin. I would like transfer them from bittrex to an other exchange because you don’t support it anymore…

What can I do, impossible to move it …

I have 4000 Grin and impossible to move it !!!

How can i transfer it. Please help me !

The message on Bittrex
Notice: Deposits and withdrawals are temporarily offline. Currency Maintenance. The GRIN wallet will be removed. Please withdraw your GRIN. With

Hello .hope this helps.

great - but the withdrawal button is disabled! and this for some time. see the annex page.

maintenance is for a long time?

Grin anno 2022

Flourishing crypto and succesful or rigged ecosystem and failed.


whats your insta? your foto looks funny :joy: