Need to purchase 20 grin

Hello, i need to purchase 20 grin, i try that on bittrex, but they dont allow to withdraw, like allways wallet in maintenance, i contact suport several times without succes, i change back in btc, withdraw all and f…k bittrex.
I dont want to open another account in another exchange, i have trust in this comunity, i sent in advance requested amount in btc or eth for 20-21 grin, my wallet is ironbelly android , suport only file transfer
Many thx

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Solved, with, very smoothly, no kyc , no fancy stuff, is first time when use this exchange, happy with my 36 grin


Now that you purchased your grin, where do you store them? Having issues with receiving address on Vite wallet. Want to find another wallet. Thanks :blush:

I have Ironbelly android wallet, work perfect, transfer via file, app dont allow to make print screen for prove, if not trust in wallet or exchange, try first with small amount, but for me work

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