Bittres error or scam


I bought grin worth of $31,000 on Bittrex and the system said i will receive 64,000 Grin for $31,000 before i click confirm, but to my surprise Bittrrex credited my grin wallet with 44,000 Grin which is $21,000

Please can some explain how that is impossible?


Yes, its normal, at normal price you receive 64k Grin, must put in buy order limit price, but you brought at market price and you masive order rise price very much. Next time buy with limit order and smaller batches.

I think your buy make this green candle


you lost $ 10,000 for 1 click, I’m sorry for you


Hey man, really sorry about that. But you have to check liquidity first in the order book before making that kind of a market buy. There was just not enough sellers at the price you wanted.

Just my 2 Grin

Yes that was my order. I think the person that introduce Grin to me yesterday trick me off. Is that possible ?

i think he is a Grin holder and he already set stop limit to sell higher. He use me to archive his goal.

Please advise if i should just sell it off or wait for few month to get my money back from the profit i will make. If that is possible?

I dont think that person do that with intention, just misunderstanding how market work, my advice is to hold those Grin’s for long term, in final i dont think you will regret, and price is good, i brought at 1.5$


That sounds like a typical fat finger buy.


Thank you very much.

I started buying grin when it was 25000satoshi or 2.5$ and I thought that was a good price to start buying, so… you’re in a good position :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that Monero/Dash/Zcash has a marketcap 25-50 times higher than Grin. Plus Grin didn’t had it’s serious first pump yet :slight_smile: