I want to exchange BTC To Grin No Exchange

Hey guys I want to buy grin but dont wanna put my id on a supported exchange currently.

Would anyone be willing to trade via paxful or something btc for grin?



Are you willing to send the BTC first, trusting the recipient to send you the grin?

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are you sure you won’t run away with the btc¿

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Try Vite Multi token wallet they have started trading today on mobile platform below given link for wallet. Further need any help message

Apple ios

Android Play store

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Also try with minimum amount of trading everything is fine withdraw of Grin to your actual Grin wallet will cost little high but lesser than other exchange.

I didn’t really think this one thru being new to grin. Paxful may not be enough.

Depending If its an active user here i’d be willing to do that in small increments.

well soon enough we will be able to buy without identification, since we are a “private blockchain”

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we could do a lightning <-> grin swap if you’d like. We can do it in really small amounts if you prefer to do so.

How can this be done without identification? If it will be a scripted bot?

well if we can’t buy without identification in the future, that totally destroys our main purpose

an underground exchange will emerge

Underground exchange is a minus? Of course, you can commit fraudulent actions without punishment, but still there are pluses.

is fiat currencies not still used for “fraudulent actions”¿. humans will always find a way to use something meant for good, for bad

lets do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If underground simply means illegal, then there is not much that can be said regarding whether it is good or bad. Laws are neither permanent, ubiquitous across states, nor necessarily good/bad (vide appeal to the law).

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And there will be SynthWave playing loudly inside

you can find GRIN exchanges here https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/grin/#markets
i am using kucoin