Vite wallet issue?

I have grin received into vite but not available. Do I need to do something or did Vite not forward? It was from Poloniex via Vite address.

Vite Gateway collection:

Vite Transaction send;

Thank you very much in advance. Do I have to run a node? I’m on iOS (iPad lol). I’m obviously a newly :nerd_face:

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Pinging @Choeriswangqiji (Nate from Vite Labs). Any thoughts or ideas on this, Nate?

It depends on in what format your received. So did you receive your Grin on Vite as HTTP or file or Vite address what type of address you used.

I selected Vite address. Thank you. Do I need Vite token in my wallet for it to go thru?

5.00000000 GRIN
2019-06-21 01:07:38


Luckily I was just testing with small amount. I am set up with five Coinmineones to start mining but need a good wallet that works(and easy for newbies?

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