Hello there I need some help

I recently was unable to move grin from Vite Wallet to exchange. I transferred via cross-chain platform of Vite thus coins seem to be sent out of wallet but, not yet arrived to the exchange until now. Having asked support they said now Grin having some issue, will be resolved until 3 Feb. I am not a programmer any tech-dev around here to help me out.
Thank you in advance.

There are two wallets in Vite 1st Grin coin and 2nd Grin vite token. From which wallet did you transfer if from second one then Vite people has to answer @Choeriswangqiji may help you. And as per my knowledge we can not transfer from first one (Grin coin) to exchange, you need to transfer from Grin coin wallet to Grin vite token and then to exchange.

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Thank you very much indeed for your answer, it is very useful and by the way I have tried both wallet. My experience about this wallet at the beginning seem to be fantastic both user interface and wallet’s functions even still low volume. Other coins have no NP except Grin Coin. I am not sure maybe due to a recent hard-fork. I opened a ticket for support and they said that support team and dev team are on vacation in China due to Chinese new year. They will come back for grin coin solution at Feb 3. And now I have to wait and wait and wish them stay safe from Virus.

yes you are right, its not the problem with coin but wallet is under development and since it supports only as Transaction file and HTTP address unlike others. But now we have TOR address which simple and easy but need to be updated by exchanges. Anyway your issue will be cleared by Vite and as you said hope best for people of China to come out of this virus.

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