Here comes the sketch of Grin mobile wallet

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Hi Grinners,
I’m Nate from Vite Labs, and our UI team has sent me the sketch of Grin interface in our VITE wallet.
I really want to hear your opinions and ideas.
VITE iOS version wallet will in advance support GRIN at the beginning of April, like April 5 (not decided yet), and that will come to Android version of VITE wallet later.
Below are some UI sketches. Hope you like it.

Vite Labs really wants to hear your opinions and we are going to release our decentralized exchange - ViteX at the start of April. Hope you all can come and trade your cryptos.

If you want to donate for our good job, here is the address:
And about VITE:

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Hi @Choeriswangqiji, how do vite addresses work? Also, is this app open sourced?

Yes vite wallet is an open sourced app which you could find code in vite labs github.

There is way too much low contrast text for me. Try to keep it readable for the elderly if you want mass market adoption. :wink:


The information is very clear and great job on this so far. Here is some feedback:

16 decimal points; with 8 decimal points after zero, would be a good idea.
(example 00000000.00000000)

Night mode would be a requested feature many will want, what would that design look like?

Why print unnecessary 0’s? You don’t pay $00000001.49000000 for a pack of chewing gum. Do you?


Although the leading one are completely unnecessary, the tag price of a pack of chewing gum is unlikely to have a sub-unit precision below the cent like 1.49002179 while in crypto/grin world these are very common tags. Many people refer to such prices in SAT and it would not be so obvious that 0.00001 is 1000 sat without the trailing zeros.

Most crypto wallets allow a simple option so prices can be expressed as mGRIN, μGRIN, or sat and allow user to choose the trailing zeros.

Congrats on the project.

oh, grin grin grin. The number on the sketch is just telling our dev team that it supports like 10 decimal places. It will show up normal when real wallet comes out.

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The text will be adjusted immediately! Thanks for your kind advice and support!!!

Thanks for this kind advice!! I have reported to our team.

Hi there, vite wallet is an open sourced dApp.
Q2: about how vite address works, I will post a detailed article later.

Would be really cool to initiate in person transaction via QR code.

Any chance of that being integrated into this app as a transaction method?

Let me check with our dev team will come back to you soon.

Hi guys, the world’s first mobile wallet comes out! Come have a try:
More detail: [Important] The First Mobile Wallet is Released! Come on and have a try!
I really want to hear your opinions and suggestions!