Will you use it if the Android Version of Vite Grin Wallet comes out?

Dear Grinners,
In the past days, our dev team was working hard on Grin Android Wallet. However, our iOS version called, Vite Grin Wallet, has not received popular feedback even though a lot of mining pools have announced the support of Vite Grin Wallet and our VITE public chain still has a lot of missions ahead, so we paused the development on the android wallet. But Vite really wants to contribute to GRIN community.

So if there are like 1,000 android users telling us to continue development, I will go to our dev team and tell them that see, people need us! Go on developing! :joy::joy::joy::grin::grin::grin:

There is a poll about if you want to use the android wallet, please let us hear your voice!
Each completed poll will be rewarded 100 VITE for your participation.

The poll: Do you want to use an Android wallet for holding Grin?

About the rewards:

  1. As of anti-cheating behavior, please claim airdrop first after you downloading Vite Wallet.
    Only the address left in the poll which has received 10 VITE once by claiming airdrop will receive the rewards.
  2. For iOS users please fill in your feelings and the words you want to tell us, only in this way we will send the rewards to your VITE address.