We are building a wallet for GRIN

Honestly, I am from Vite Labs and right now we are building our wallet to adopt and accept GRIN on the next version of wallet.
Its updated version is planning to release at the start of April, and for now, you could download Vite Wallet on AppStore and Google Play.
Our team will launch our own decentralized exchange - Vitex with the updated wallet together at the start of April. Absolutely GRIN will list on Vitex.
About more details, you could visit www.vite.org and read our white paper.
VITE has built its own Test Net and millions of transactions happened on it already, which definitely means VITE is the first public chain to realize the smart contract on DAG ledger on this planet.
Since we were a startup company, we would really appreciate your donations if you find our wallet is useful. You could visit Vite forum and find the address.


Isn’t IOTA also a DAG-based DLT?

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Yes, IOTA is promoting that they are a DAG-based DLT. But they have not realized the smart contract. You could check their road map or whitepaper. VITE has built our smart contract on DAG through launching a TestNet and you could test it by downloading VITE Wallet or reading our coding source: https://github.com/vitelabs

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Shiver me timbers!!!

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Yes Let’s Create Something Cool!
It’s Vite Labs slogan!


If I get this right, you have an ETHEREUM like system with an EOS like governance structure and multiple tokens like NEO. This combined with RIPPLES supply distribution based on IOTAs tech to create a WAVES like DEX in order to import MimbleWimble coins like GRIN.
Is there a founder reward like in ZCASH at mining Vite?

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Impressive! If you run a full node or SBP on VITE TestNet you will receive VITE as a bonus. A little bit like mining but it is running a node. Since VITE was listed on uppit, bittrex and okex, its annual return rate based on the market price is 20%.

Binance just released its first decentralized exchange which is built on DAG. But they still haven’t realized their smart contract yet. You could see the decentralized exchange is the future of the exchange.

For now we have three ways to process the file when you send and receive GRIN. The first one is to scan the QR code. The second one is to download the file and share through the third party media. The third one is to send the file through Vite TestNet which will be encrypted by Vite. What do you think, Vite Labs want to hear your ideas.

image A quick look. How do you guys like it? I want to hear your opinions!!!

evm compatibility


Theres at least 5 smart contract platforms why do so many people focus on the worse one

Never tell what is the worst one cause never know what the worst is.:joy:


Well, that’s cool …any update to it which I’m unaware of…?

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