Did anyone manage to withdraw Grin from Poloniex lately?

It doesn’t work (for me at least) for months.
2 new attempts this week (one of them was 10 minutes ago) ended up with the usual error. (support keep saying “try again” after refunding the coins).

This is frustrating.

becuz poloniex ,bittrex dont have grins,just let you sell and withdraw. There is not enough Grin at their wallets

I also had the same problem. There’s no chance you could withdraw your grin from Poloniex. I have a good experience with TradeOgre and Grin++.

yes, I was able to do it. They had their regular issues with withdrawals like they always did with Grin.

I’ve managed to withdraw Grin from Poloniex, looks like they finally fix their issue.

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