Grin to be delisted from Poloniex on November 24th

I guess they had enough with the deposit/withdrawal headache.

Bittrex next?

it is really demotivating when $grin get delisted.

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Yeah, it’s not a happy moment, but it’s important to know they had options to solve their problems (both with slatepacks and without). I’d also be concerned about holding money there. If they can’t solve such trivial problems, I can’t imagine them reliably handling huge amounts of money.


We listed Grin soon after the blockchain launched in January 2019. Since then, we have supported open-source development in the Grin ecosystem by contributing 50% of the revenue Poloniex generated from GRIN trading to the Grin General Fund. Unfortunately, the Grin blockchain has presented significant technical challenges to maintain throughout its lifecycle and has suffered an extended 51% attack on its network. For these reasons, in accordance with our delisting policy, we are adding GRIN to our list of assets being delisted from Poloniex in November 2020

  1. Trading in our ANK, CRT, ETHBNT, GRIN, and OPT markets will be disabled on November 24, 2020 at 17:00 UTC . Trading in our BREE and MEXP markets are currently disabled and will not be re-enabled prior to delisting.
  2. Withdrawals for ANK, BREE, CRT, ETHBNT, GRIN, MEXP, and OPT will continue to be supported until January 5, 2021 at 17:00 UTC , at which point the wallets will be permanently disabled. You must withdraw all balances before this date.
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Obviously you can’t withdraw Grin from Poloniex. pfff the usual error

you contact polo for whithdrow problem? I have to GRIN there

Yeah, it’s not working for months… they only say “try again”.

Poloniex is a stupid and lazy exchange.Same Bittrex
Why i not have trouble with Grin in Tradeogre ? I make tens Grin withdraws without trouble in Tradeogre.

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Tradeogre is a make do exchange with very little to no volume.

One can not relax and trade on such exchange. Not by the standards of 2020 and beyond.