Poloniex grin/btc down

What is happening to POLONIEX to have closed the market with GRIN and take more than 1 day in maintenance? Does anyone know something?

Maybe exchange has some technical problems… patience

Have you tried asking their official support channel?

Poloniex made on 22th April the following post:

GRIN/BTC Maintenance: April 23rd at 17:00 UTC
Our GRIN/BTC market will be disabled for maintenance beginning 4/23 at 17:00 UTC. At that time, trading in GRIN/BTC will be disabled and all GRIN/BTC trigger orders will be canceled. We expect the maintenance to take a couple of hours. Other markets will not be affected during this time.
Posted by The Poloniex Team at 2020-04-22 14:35:33

Source: https://m.poloniex.com/notices
However the GRIN/BTC-Market is still disabled.

I have asked support this morning about this issue and they have no ETA. There is the possibility that Poloniex is thinking about delisting GRIN. :confused:

I hope not, that would be a huge bummer.
The few times i had to contact the Support of a CryptoExchange (it was always the Poloniex-Support) was exlusively because of GRIN (failed Transactions). Maybe the time (thus costs) of the Poloniex-Employees spending for Support-Requests by GRIN-Users is disproportionately higher then the earnings by Exchange-Fees.


I hope not either. But as of now, there is currently no demand for GRIN. Most of the volume is wash trading along shady exchanges.

I don’t think it’s that much of a bummer. Poloniex used to be credible, but now it’s pretty much just another marketing tool for Justin Tron.

The real bummer is that users/ exchanges are still having trouble sending/ receiving Grin…


It’s weird because the USDc market is still up on poloniex. .

More than a week and still offline in maintenance…

From I understand, you can exchange btc for usdt/c and then usdt/c for grin. Withdrawal is still up.

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Well, that is rather odd. It shouldn’t take Poloniex much work to fix GRIN/BTC if their other GRIN markets are operational.

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Bittrex also disabled trading on grin/btc grin/usdt.
“Automated Maintenance.”
They never disabled trading for automated maintenance.

Deposit and Withdraw are also suspended on Bittrex. :confused:

It’s been over two weeks now and the BTC/GRIN trade is still down …

Poloniex has no plans to delist GRIN at this time. The GRIN/BTC market is temporarily disabled due to a separate issue that is unrelated to GRIN which we are sorry for. There are other markets like GRIN/USDT you can trade on. Sorry for inconvenience.


Completely disabled the market and said we are very sorry, is this normal for you?
At the same time, you did not even specify the date when you will turn it back on.

Now people think that this is The problem of grin developers you didn’t even bother to describe what your problem is.
If you don’t have normal developers, then hire them here.

And do not complain that you write crutches, and you do not like something, if you can not work with Grin, you can continue to add useless garbage.

He might not be allowed to talk why exactly they have it disabled and doing so could potentially result in a law suit. Let’s not attack people mindlessly.

I believe that they are acting incorrectly, and moreover I was very angry with their response when they climb into the grin technology

If every exchange writes this, the Grin technology will not develop in the right direction.
What they do not want to do once again is their problem, I am against such comments with a hint if you do we will remove you.

If it is difficult for them, let them hire normal people or let the developers ask questions here.

Thanks for the update! We appreciate the outreach.

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