Bittrex stolen Grin

I was doing withdrawal request. after 1 min Bittrex wallet gone maintenance. Withdrawal request canceled automatic. GRIN did not return back to my balance.
The case has been open three months ago. On the first request, they redirected me to the person who would solve my problem. but this person just ignores everything. Maybe he doesn’t work there already, I don’t know. I tried to open a new request it closes immediately as a resolved problem.
This is such a scam. Bittrex use my money for three months. currently more than $1000.
I don’t know what I can do about it.

If there was system maintenance, first prove that the transaction did indeed clear. It looks like it was cancelled and the trade didn’t go through. Are you missing the funds you used to purchase the Grin (BTC)? Sometimes transactions are rolled back and not settled. IIRC, Bittrex keeps a year of transaction logs, so you should be able to do a tight accounting of all your crypto, especially BTC, to prove that you paid the BTC but didn’t get the Grin. Although I suspect you never paid the BTC and never got the Grin.

I mining GRIN on the first day when he appeared. and then I bought more grin for btc on the Bittrex.

I did not have time to make a transaction from the Bittrex. because Bittrex wallet went to service.

Have you try with Poloniex? I failed to withdraw GRIN sometime but support ticket refund all for me.
For me, the wallet of Poloniex quite good, it only takes 3 seconds to pass GRIN to my wallet.

I think on any other exchange in 3 months the support would already have responded. I am a old -time user Bittrex. I have never had problems before. I didn’t even have write to the support. was my favorite exchange.

A response from support after 5 months. I need to leave the ticket open. Still waiting solve.

bittrex has been left behind in many respects, they have not kept pace with developments like their rivals, who are taking market share. FTX reports only $17m a day turnover currently:

Please help me with advice. This is this is an offshore company.
I think no one controls this mess and they stole my crypto.

Hey, did you manage to connect on Bittrex and check your balance ? I have had some grins on there and going to check later today if they are still there.
No reason to think there is a problem it’s a fairly serious exchange and they just temporarily disabled withdraw and deposit on the exchange.

In March there will already be a year of open ticket. then my automatically canceled transaction will be deleted from the logs? This will probably complicate the situation. redirected my ticket to the specialist and the specialist does not respond. So they don’t answer me for 7 months.

Transaction cancellations happen. Even in regulated markets, the exchange can cancel or modify your order under certain conditions. In order to have a lawsuit, you’ll need to have your own records of the data feed they sent you causing you to make a trade. If you have evidence and records, you can file a complaint with the SEC. I wouldn’t hold your breath for Bittrex to do anything.