Unfortunate news for Grin supporters in the US–Poloniex closes its doors

Poloniex is one of the only exchanges trading GRIN available to US residences, and it plans to end trading for US customers by November 1st.

It seems as though a majority of the cryptocurrency market is pushing out US residence due to increasing regulations? Are there alternative narratives to this?

I guess no, but Poloniex will be much stronger after spinned out from Circle.

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Could you provide more details to that? Is there something about Circle that should be known?

What exchanges are there for US residents after Poloniex’s fallout, I wonder?

No more US exchange with grin trading, I think.

Let’s see when Kraken is listing grin.
Kraken has been fairly consistent with Monero trading also enabling Monero / fiat onramp

This is actually good for grin.

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It started spinned out from circle…

Goldman Sachs