PSA: Bitmesh is delisting Grin

Seen recently on Bitmesh Telegram channel:

i think bitmesh delisted itself too…

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Well, there’s not much to grieve about; Looks like the entire volume for all pairs traded on that exchange doesn’t surpass 200$/day.


Bittrex pretty much delisted Grin as well, as their wallet is down for most of 2020.

Oh, and so does Poloniex.

Looks like Kucoin has successfully upgraded to V4:

But still requires http for deposits and withdrawals.


Poloniex definitely did not delist Grin. They haven’t upgraded to v4.0.0 yet but said they plan to.

They first delisted the grin/btc pair. and their wallet is offline for most of 2020 as well.

Poloniex Grin withdraw is not available most of 2020???

poloniex,bittrex old big exchanges…they list grin but wallets mostly offline…

When Federal Government (SEC) send letter for them then they will fully block anonimus Grin currency like they block Libra and Gram.