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Grin/BTC, there’s also opened Grin/USD, Grin/ETH, Grin/BSV, Grin/USDC

Bitmesh is the only exchange that has been providing withdraw service since Grin went online. Simple product design, smooth user experience, fast service response, and a huge transaction share in the market, which is very popular among users.

That’s not true - Bgogo and several others withdrawal just fine. Although I think Bitmesh has the highest volume of any of the real, fair exchanges at like 1-2 btc/day. I like arbitage with all these. I don’t don’t see a bitmesh api, and I like to program my own apps and tools, like stuff that links exchanges to grin wallets in my own home-rolled apps. I haven’t found an easy way to do this stuff with Bitmesh. But good exchange, nice narrow spead and volume, and smooth withdrawal. Bgogo’s great to me and they have nice phone apps in the stores. Also, Bisq does Grin - probably a plus for the privacy minded.

EDITED: I was wrong. I did find the bitmesh api

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Didn’t they remove support at some point? I don’t think they added it back ever since but I may be wrong.

It’s still there as of a few days ago, but the last trade was like January. I never used Bisq, just installed it and looked at it with interest, but didn’t ever trade with it.


Bgogo and several others withdrawal just fine

? two months ago things were very messy

If bisq isn’t broken spaceman really dropped the ball on telling poeple I would assume it still is

hello, SirusB, have you join in the telegram of BitMesh (

you can contact admins directly about the api docs, and you can get api-key through

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we recently started tracking bitmesh for Grin, now about 10 ish exchanges already trading Grin coin


great job, thanks coingecko

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happy to help! :frog:

The first GUI wallet of Grin released!

Grin Purse, redefined the way to transfer GRIN, using addresses similar to Bitcoin, just as you use bitcoin wallet.

Instructions for use, pls join the Development team: ,or wechat group: bitmesh2