Withdrawl help please

I get error messages when I give the https address that my wallet gives me??? I think I need a file ? Any help? I am assuming its my computer …running windows 10 and the grin++ 0.6.1
I just want my grins to be in my wallet on my computer??

I have yet to attempt to transact my grin from mining pool, want to work through this together?

What have you tried so far?

I thought this was a post about needing drug rehab.


Hi I just got all my grins delivered to my grin wallet. I made it happen a bit by accident but it worked. What are you using??Pool? wallet? Give me some idea I will tell you which way I went

Be cause The pool Im using suggests that I have an online wallet because it will automatically send me the funds at 3. grin … I had to find an address on line.
I decided to use the grin web wallet ( https://web.mygrin.org/ )
My next problem was getting the grin from that on line wallet to me direct to my grin wallet on my computer . That web .org wallet will only send to https address nothing else.
That was my next delema!

It sounds like you got this resolved, but you should try to keep Grin++ up-to-date. I’d suggest upgrading to 0.6.4 (https://grinplusplus.github.io). As for withdrawing from web wallet, you should just be able to send to your ngrok address shown in the receive tab.

Yea thanks… for now… I got this one working… Just not thrilled with the amount Im earning??? what can I tell you… Im about to go back to XMR… Ive been playing with both. Thanks so much for your info!! Believe me I appreciate!

Is salary for you? Of course this is all clear, but what about the prospects?

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Welcome to my world…that’s why I stopped mining Grin. No wallet support anywhere

There are prospects in Grin, but probably not everyone likes them, many just want huge, fast incomes, skipping stable but long and painstaking work.

I too can not send my grin from Poloniex/circle now. My mobile wallet called VITE, it has a receive address format https:// which errors out everything I’ve tried to send grin from exchg. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Yes having same problem you had. I am using mobile wallet Vite. Getting error message when withdrawing from Circle exchg. Which was Poloniex. Can’t get a response from Vite wallet The exchange is willing to help cancel the withdrawal out but they can’t help me with a wallet receiving problem. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Yeah I’m also not happy with the amount of FrEeMoNeY I’m getting. I too would like to go back to the coin that gives me the most FrEeMoNeY.

Can someone please tell me how the hell I can get grin from exchange into ironbelly mobile wallet. Ironbelly doesnt produce a address to send to that I can tell

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To my knowledge, the Ironbelly Mobile Wallet only support transactions via file transfer. If the exchange you are using supports transactions via HTTP, I recommend using Grin++, Niffler or running a grin node + grin-wallet.

@GrinstantMe if you tell us the name of the exchange, community members will likely be able to make suggestions that match their offerings.

As mentioned, Niffler and Grin++ are quick and easy options. Once the grin is in your desktop wallet, you can then use the file transfer method to move it to Ironbelly.


Trying to get my coins off of Hotbit

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ANY suggestions on running grin wallet V2.0 ?? all I get is missing runtime error???
I can run 0.6.4
but v2 will not??

any one here success withdraw grin from Hotbit?
I can’t withdraw Grin to my Grin++ v1.0.4 wallet with http address.
I did try to contact to Hotbit support and reason is they found that withdrawal address is wrong.
My address:
Thank for any help.

Hi! Some others users are experimenting the same from Hotbit lately. I strongly recommend to contact them. Also if you need quicker support with Grin++ please feel free to join the Telegram channel: https://t.me/GrinPP

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