Hotbit disabled grin withdrawals, but BTC withd. still work fine

I’m not sure why they did that, maybe they’re having some backend issues. The ability to withdraw btc made me feel better about the situation.

I think that may be why we have such a low price on hotbit, with respect to others. I think a few people may have panicked about this. That being said, there’s a discount on grin on hotbit right now if you’re brave enough.

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Is enabled again.

But my withdrawl failed because misconfig https

Its needed a working https://domain:port address

Dont just change http to https

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@nikito7 thanks! I appreciate the info/update. That’s great to hear.

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works. 10 minutes.

22:33 Withdrawals GRIN Complete

22:42 INFO grin_wallet::libwallet::slate - verify_messages - signature verified ok. Participant message: “”