Grinmint or Grin++ Withdrawal Issue?

Hi all,

Has anyone experienced an issue withdrawing from Grinmint over http via a TOR address to Grin++ lately?

Prior to the 14th of February this was working fine for me, but since then every http withdrawal from Grinmint has failed with “Cancelled (wallet unreachable)”. This is consistently the issue for the last five withdrawals. I then need to go in and do a file withdrawal, and that works fine.

This has started on Valentine’s day and I am just not feeling the love. :grinning:

Is this an issue with Grinmint no longer supporting the TOR addresses? Or perhaps the TOR address hosted on is having issues?


grinmint supports tor, so you should not need to use your address.

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OK, with just the plain TOR address it now works, but the http://[tor address] is no longer working on GrinMint. There was no notification that this was changing on their end.

Thanks David.

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The service was down yesterday, and I didn’t realize it until quite a few hours later. So that could have been the cause.

Glad it’s working using tor directly though. That’s much better anyway, since it doesn’t require any trust.

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