Grin wallet with http prefix

I hope someone can help me with this: I have some GRIN on Kucoin and they stop with GRIN. Now I need another GRIN wallet and I have tried a couple but they do not work, because I need a wallet with a http prefix. I tried: Easygrin, Ironbelly.
Kucoin al the time gives this:
Please make sure that the address format is http://xxx/xxx or https://xxx/xxx/xxxx. Also, contact the receiving platform if there is any special request for the format of the address to 100% verify your address format. Please ensure that the receiving wallet remains online.

I hope someone can hell me otherwise my GRIN will be worthless.

You need to use modern Tor address format, its old explanation.
Every modern Grin wallet supports it.
Just keep it online and if sending will fail, try again.

Read this thread too, maybe it helps

are you sure they want https format ? They were processing with TOR g1… addresses.

I did the check on and my Grin++ wasn’t reachable. My Easygrin wallet is reachable but still I get everytime the same message Withdrawal Initiation Failed & Incorrect withdrawal address. I have tried more than 20 times already.

Write Kucoin support: specify that g1adress is correct and try again.

I tried it with another laptop and followed the same steps. Second time it worked! I have all my GRIN safe now for the moment. YES!