Sending GRIN from Kucoin to IronBelly not working


I’ve tried to send my GRIN that i have on Kucoin, to two different IronBelly wallets, multiple times over the last few weeks and nothing will go through.

I’ve checked my wallet status on and the site always tells me the wallet is reachable.

But when i try to send my Grin from Kucoin to IronBelly, the site always tells me my address is invalid. It’s the correct address that i’m putting into Kucoin. I have to believe the problem is on Kucoin’s side.

But the only help they give me when i talk to their support team is to try a different wallet address, which i did and i still get the same ‘invalid address’ pop-up when trying to withdraw with the new wallet.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do, to withdraw my coins from Kucoin? Please/Thank you

Try multiple times.