Not possible (?) to withdraw grin from kucoin

I have some GRIN on Kucoin, and I spent some hours now to get it off there. I installed both grin++ as well as Niffler, I installed TOR browser and added the path, so when I do grin-wallet listen it looks good I think (see below). Yet It tried so many options on Kucoin to withdraw GRIN to my grin-wallet and nothing works. With and without http(s) and (.onion or …). Is there somewhere a good ‘howto’ available?

C:\Users\wimva\AppData\Local\Grin>grin-wallet listen
20230816 13:25:21.400 WARN grin_wallet_controller::controller - Starting TOR Hidden Service for API listener at address qgwqf5iv35gkgjnbp3lujmwctuiq2q2nbivaygysz4wsyuuycb3tzqid, binding to
20230816 13:25:23.998 WARN grin_wallet_controller::controller - Starting HTTP Foreign listener API server at
20230816 13:25:23.998 WARN grin_wallet_controller::controller - HTTP Foreign listener started.
20230816 13:25:23.998 WARN grin_wallet_controller::controller - Slatepack Address is: grin1sxks9ag4max2xfdp0mt5fvkzn5gs6s6dpg4qcxcjeukjc55czpmshsl4st

When you want to withdraw, Kucoin says slatepack adress is ‘‘invalid’’ Ignore this and keep trying. I tested withdrawal there and managed to withdraw after more than 7th try.
Also submit a ticket and say ‘’ your grin1 adress is valid, allow for withdrawal’’
Good luck.

Grin deposits and withdrawals on Kucoin has been suspended and not working for years.

Sell grin for BTC and withdraw the coins, then convert it back to grin on TradeOgre.

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Only withdrawals are working, trading was suspended, it’s impossible to sell, only withdraw here.


Thank you all very much for your feedback, this helps a lot! I’ll continue trying and will contact support at Kucoin to allow my address. I’ll let you know if I succeed.

If you need an alternative place to buy your Grin I would recommend TradeOger . It is the preferred trading platform for most Grinners here on the forum and they enforce the use OTP 2FA for security, so your coins should be rather safe, and they have easy deposit and withdrawal of Grin.
Only possible downside is that you trade BTC to Grin on TradeOger and not for example USDT which some users would prefer.

Correction by @Cobragrin : They do have USDT/Grin trading pair.


Tradeogre has Grin- USDT pair also. But liquidity is even lower than BTC Grin pair.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 15-02-49 0.03699890 GRIN-USDT Grin Exchange Buy_Sell Grin with Tether


Well, I did setup a grin++ wallet and started mining grin as well. I also got a TradeOgre account with some grin in it. I can transfer between TradeOgre and my grin++ wallet, so the only issue I have is clearly with KuCoin. I’m waiting for their reaction.


You were so right. After some trials it did happen. I was screen-recording my issue for Kucoin support when all of a sudden it was solved. Quite absurd… this is what I shared with Kucoin.

Hi Support,

I have an update for you. I was recording my issue since you asked. See the recording I posted here:

Here you see:

  • 0:00 previous trials didn’t work; I try now the TOR hidden service address (according to the GRIN community that must work as well). I make some variations with http(s)://myTORhiddenserviceaddress.onion => nothing works
  • 2:30 I try the slatepack address mentioned by my grin-wallet listener (I run a full grin-wallet node) also with some http(s)… variations … Again, nothing works
  • 03:15 Now I copied the address from my Grin++ wallet, doesn’t work either. I do some variations with http(s) and => nothing works
  • 04:22: I remove the http(s) and, so back to the beginning of previous step (just the address of my Grin++ wallet), I try that again (for the ?th time – I did that many times!) and all of a sudden the withdrawal is confirmed!
  • Previous steps were test withdrawals with only 4 GRIN, immediately after that successful withdrawal I tried again with my full balance and it succeeded.

I did hear a similar story on the grin forum – don’t know how this can happen, but maybe you can use this feedback in case you have similar cases in the future.

Best Regards,



I followed your advice and attempted the transfer of 4 GRIN about 7 times and it finally withdrew from Kucoin to my wallet. I then immediately attempted to transfer the remainder of my GRIN and Kucoin reports the transaction successful, but the coins have not turned up in my wallet after hours? Any ideas how to proceed?

Did you fully synced your wallet ? Your wallet needs to be listening / online whie you withdraw from Kucoin by the way.

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I messaged with Kucoin about the issue saying , “You need to tell the sender to finalize/broadcast/rebroadcast the transaction.” and I presume they reattempted the transaction, because they provided a different TxID and the coins showed up in my wallet. For future reference if the wallet is not listening, what happens to the GRIN from the transaction? Are they lost, returned to sender (how do they recover them? - is it by “canceling” the transaction? Thanks for the quick response.

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Indeed, the transaction is cancelled and a new transaction is made. Only a finished transaction can be broadcasted and published on the blockchain.