Withdraw GRIN from Kucoin

I finally managed to get GRIN to run on my chromebook in crouton. So I discover its use. I would like to repatriate some GRIN from the Kucoin exchange but I 'm not sure how to proceed
I searched but I’m not sure of the answer.
Should I create a file with grin-wallet receive -i my_grin_transaction.tx or I am totally wrong? what I don’t understand is that on the exchange side it asks me for an address
If anyone has the patience to guide me.

Thx in advance

Hi, I also have been struggling to get my Grin from exchanges into a wallet. What worked for me in the end was the Niffler wallet (https://github.com/grinfans/Niffler). I received Grin with Hedwig from the exchange into Niffler and then I transported it to my Grin++ wallet.

Hope this helps

Hi, it’s a beginning of an answer, I’ll start by looking in that direction. Thank you very much.
I hope I have other answers. Maybe I could create an explanatory post with all the solutions, and especially advise not to go through the exchanges:-)

So this sentence on Niffler’s page "Niffler wallet has a hedwig v1 relay service, which enable User without public ip receive grin really easy :)" makes me say that I have to look at transactions with the setting of a Public IP

Right, at Kucoin try just with a small amount of Grin

I finally succeeded, after a week of searching. It’s good, I learned about IP addresses, ports and the firewall.
My discussion will turn to the subject of the democratization of cryptomonnaies. I have some shell databases, linux, etc., I’ve been running on different linux distributions since the 2000s, but I’ve never opened a port or set my firewall, so I can’t even imagine the person who doesn’t have any shell databases.
If this project continues (which I hope it will) people will use ready-made IUs, like people use “windows” without understanding what a computer is. And I think it’s a shame.
Currency cryptos are a great advance in the field of cashMoney and the Internet, exchanges and perhaps democracy, they could also be a way to educate people about computers, the command line, prog and many other subjects that I don’t think about and that I may not even know myself.
Because it goes in the same direction, taking back control of your money, your private data, what OS I install on my machine and how my wallet works.

In short, I still wanted to share my little disappointment about the help I didn’t receive, but my great joy at having succeeded (thanks to a computer friend). Since I didn’t get any answer to the question on this thread, maybe my question seemed silly to you?? I am not a king of the Shakspear language and I must have missed something in understanding, so now it seems so obvious to me how to proceed. But let’s not forget that it’s not so obvious to “Mr. Everyone”
Hoping to learn from this project.

PS : If someone is in the same situation as me, if they are running under a Ubuntu for example (Xenial in my case) even after opening the ports and making the necessary settings on the router, don’t forget to take a look at your firewall (which you have never installed:p) and create a rule for grin-wallet. I assume that all distributions have a preconfigured firewall with certain rules. You can test this before sending a small amount from Kucoin Open Port Check Tool


Thanks to the person who deleted the last post with the link to this smoker copy of GRIN… not knowing about it when reading the link, I started reading about it, and the following discoveries (on the GRIN forum) only confirmed my intuition.
I feel that I will enjoy myself with GRIN and all those who have understood his philosophy

Hello, do you try Niffler :slight_smile: ?


Hi @xiaojay
No, I didn’t try it, I really wanted to use the command line wallet first to understand how it works.
Now that I’ve done it and I’m starting to understand, I’ll have time to test Niffler.
However, if I understood correctly, Niffler connects to an external node, I’m a little surprised about that.


No, Niffler now have a full grin node, you have an options to use local node completely.

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All right, that’s a good point, I’ll look into it.
Another point @xiaojay , I tried to compile on Debian but I’m failing, it’s still not possible?

./grin-wallet -e listen on port 3415 worked for me
you need to configure your router (port forwarding) and configure (on your machine) ufw to allow incoming tcp connections on port 3415

sudo ufw allow proto tcp from any to any port 3415

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You have not read all the posts because I have since succeeded, thank you for your answer :wink:

At first I thought I should use the function by sending files, that’s why I didn’t understand how to do it with Kucoin
When I realized that I had to open the router ports, and use the send mode by ://http my last problem was the firwall.

yeah, forgot about ufw the first time myself so i thought i might just leave this here :slight_smile: sorry if regarded as spam. Hopefully useful for some peeps in the future :slight_smile:

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No, it’s very good, on the contrary, it will help others. Besides, I didn’t know about this command line

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