Wallet windows create

How to open a wallet here

Grin wallet is command line only utility and does not start by double clicking the exe.

Win + R
cd E:/path/to/grin-wallet/
grin-wallet info

If you are uncomfortable with the command line, I recommend using Grin++ instead of the “official” node and wallet.

This is my grin address? “Parent BIP-32 Derivation Path”

No. Grin does not have addresses. You have to transfer transaction slate files or start wallet listener:

grin-wallet -e listen

Which will listen at http://yourip:3415

However you need to make sure you have ports forwarded correctly.

Or you could use for example wallet713 which provides grinbox addresses similar to bitcoin, but it might not be supported by exchanges.

What is the next step?

HTTP transfers suck. Try to stick to file (slate) transfers and Grinbox. Again, I recommend using Grin++ for people who are just want to get up and going.

The trouble will probably be that your home router will not send the traffic to your computer without some extra configuration.

I put together a video to help beginners get set up with Niffler wallet. As @MerlinsBeard says, Grin++ is another great wallet.

It cannot bind to port 3415 for some reason. I think some other application is using that port. You can probabaly change the port in config.

If you get it working, you can then check your public ip from eg. https://www.whatismyip.com

If after that you cannot access your listener with http://yourip:yourport then you need to configure NAT traversal in your router. This step depends on your router so Google is your friend here. You can also try it locally with as IP, which should show as blank white page on browser, but public IP is needed to receive funds.

You can also do transactions with files if you are unable to get http listener working.