How do you figure out your Grin wallet's IP and Port?

How do you figure out your Grin wallet’s IP and Port?

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Yes I would like to know too! Have the node running and the wallet initiated but not sure about the IP/PORT story…

Find your IP by using a service such as

In order to open up your port (3415), you need to configure your router appropriately to forward traffic from the router to the machine where your wallet listener is deployed (usually by accessing your router via a local IP such as, may be different in your environment).

To find the local IP of your wallet’s host, do ifconfig in the host, figure out the correct interface from where you get internet access (wifi is usually something like wlp3s0, may be different in your environment), and use the IP of that interface in the port forwarding rule in the router.

Then, update api_listen_interface to in ~/.grin/main/grin-wallet.toml and run grin wallet listen.

At that point you should be able to verify that your port is open at and all set to receive grin via http.

Sincerely, good luck!


Excellent thanks a lot!
Will try that after work! Hope it will work :wink:

What specific port needs to be opened up on your router?

Port 3415 for mainnet and 13415 for floonet.

I’m still having trouble:

Eureka! I figured it out. After my initial failure in getting a port scanner to show 3415 as being open, I was no longer running the external grin listener while performing subsequent port scans. My problem was that no service on my machine, whether in Windows or Ubuntu VM was actually listening on port 3415. So my port 3415 was open all along (once I figured out the necessary steps anyway) but I wasn’t getting a positive result from the port scanners because they were timing out since I had no service listening. So with the grin external listener command running, I was able to get a positive result on the port scanner. With this newfound confidence, I was able to successfully withdraw my first grin from an exchange!

Thanks to TheHelper55464 from this TechSupportForum thread for the suggestion of having a service actively listening on the port while doing the port scan:

Does that mean that it 8s not possible to run a grain wallet on ipv6? Those have practically replaced all public ipv4s in Germany , possibly Europe…

This is probably not true, definitely not true for most European countries.

Keyword is DualStack and DualStack lite. Here you go: (use Google translate from German into English)

Essentially if you use the economically viable ISPs you do not get IPV4 unless you pay up for a bigger package.

I can only speak for Germany. Using more.expensive FTTH offerings or smaller local ISPs (which have limited geographic availability) is a way around the issue. I myself cannot run a full node at home or at the office, I need to use a Reverse-Tunnel .

no you can’t

complete utter nonsense. every single ISP offeres ipv4.

Fwiw, I know a couple of people in Berlin who are deeply involved in Grin and they are not shouting for ipv6 support at the moment.