Grin wallet (for dummies)

Hello everyone, I’m not an expert, I still install grin on linux and would like to create a wallet on the mainnet (for trade), could someone help me? thank you

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This is for how to use grin wallet.

We have written a step by step guide here to use the official Grin wallet. Let us know what you think!


Thanks for the answers. For now I’m using Docker and wallet713

im a huge noob that needs help with http withdrawals from exchanges. I have spent 12 hours attempting to learn how on ubuntu. i give up, been doing sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces just to edit and not find a primary network just the loopback address and manually putting one in only for it not to be used after save and reboot (ifdown/ifup comes up with eth0 not configured) I AM SO CONFUZZLED IN THE HUZZLE

which exchange are you using? Do they support 713 withdrawal?

I’m going to make the suggestion you don’t learn linux command line with fairly experimental money on the line

i was using shitty ol’ HOTBIT now theyre down for a few hours yay, gambly feels all up in here with my 2 eth. and good suggestion monkyyy, im on da drugs m8 sorry i only learn from horrible mistakes it seems. allg but would still like support as to why i cant manage to setup http or https port forwards in my routerlogin or in ifconfig. it irritates me that i am so incompetent. the coingecko tutorial is fairly basic and if that works for most people i would be surprised - no offence.

At least your name is cool. You have to at least be happy with that.

i managed to get my grin safe and sound even sent my best mate 10 coz love is good for humans. and yes my name is sick as tits going extinct due to invasive species.

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Grin Wallet Setup Guide:
Grin Wallet Downloads:

That is really good to know. Congrats!