Wallet713 Panicked

Hi everyone.

Is any of you using Wallet713?

I haven’t logged into Wallet713 in some months, and suddently when I logged in yesterday, I received this error: Panicked at 'Tried to access actively upgrading TlsStream", and I’m not able to receive any transfer.

I tried to install Wallet713 on another Ubuntu instance, but same error.

Do you guys know what is wrong, and how to fix it?

It is not working after fork it is abandoned like everething in this.

@airblowr you might be better off using grin-wallet at this point, it’s not actively being supported right now. Restoring from seed Into grin-wallet should work fine. Let me know if you need help

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Hi @lehnberg

I will try to restore it, and give you an update - Thank you.

However, I do have one question.

Before I noticed that Wallet713 didn’t work, I withdrew a considerable amount of Grin to my IP where Wallet713 is usually listening.

Are these GRIN lost in space, or will I able to catch them somehow?

Luckily they were not sent into the void, as transactions require wallet-to-wallet interaction to complete. The exchange’s wallet was either unable to reach yours, or communication was established but a valid transaction couldn’t be constructed.

So the exchange still has your grins. Usually they credit you back automatically in 24-48h.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way with Hotbit. I had a failed GRIN transaction in the past, and they simply refuse to return your funds.

RIP sorry to hear that.
In future always do a test transaction with a small amount. When first got Link back in 2017 I wasn’t sure how to get it off an exchange and was new to using ether wallets so I would always do a small 1-10 transaction to test I was doing it correctly.

This is the only time I’ve ever heard of an exchange refusing to refund you after a failed tx. Try contacting their support again and ask them for the kernel commitment of the transaction. If they provide you one, show them that it doesn’t exist on-chain (use an explorer like grinscan.net), and therefore they still have access to the coins.