Wallet713 does not see Grin node after update

Hello Grin people,

I have just updated both Grin (2.0.1-beta) node and Wallet713 (v2.0.0) - both node and wallet use to work fine with the older versions.

The Grin node is up and running but when I try to start Wallet713 I get the error bellow - telling me that I somehow still run version 1.x.x


I’m a complete Linux novice so I bet the fix is something simple.

Steps done: updated rust + restarted the machine.

Any ideas how can I fix this? please tell me specific commands if you have any.


Did you delete the old node software?

Check whatever ubuntu uses for task manager and look around for the old version and kill it; then try again.

Assuming it works figure out how it was autorunning and swap it to the new version.

Add the following line to your configuration in ~/.wallet713/main/wallet713.toml:

grin_node_uri = ""

By default the wallet uses a node provided by vault713 but that one won’t be upgraded until the final v2.0.0 binaries are out.

That makes sense @jaspervdm
I will test it later on and update the thread.
Thank you for the reply