Grin ++ v1.2.1 Node isn't running

I decided to transfer all my Grins to Grin++ wallet. I downloaded latest version, waiting for syncing headers (As I remember, i always waiting for a long time. Around 1 hour), restore my wallet, my address was green :slight_smile: I restart the wallet but not seems to work. I receive a message that Node isn’t running. I reboot my laptop and I keep receiving this message. I did not change GrinChck API URL and I kept the configuration as it is. Is there anything I can do in configuration files? nr

I’m sorry for that, some users are reporting this issue. A potential fix will be available soon, I’ll post here, or you can join the Telegram Support Channel Telegram: Contact @GrinPP

Its ok not problem I can wait :slight_smile: Btw I delete appimage, .GrinPP file and Grin++ in .config folder and reinstall latest version. Node was running again but when I restart the wallet I see the same message.