GRIN ++ - missing founds


There is sth strage with my GRIN++ wallet. I had over 7400 GRIN but suddenly 1000 disappeared ?!?
I decided to restore my wallet on other pc and I can see that there are no received transaction from over 1 month. What the hell??

The best way to support you is via Telegram Telegram: Contact @GrinPP

Did you update grin++ recently

Most likely your wallet was not synced initially. Meaning since then you did a 1000 Grin transaction, yes your wallet signed, but no you did not see the update since your node was not fully synced. Once the wallet did fully sync, you would see the real balance. Check if you can recall making a 1000 Grin transaction recently (1 month or however long you were running Grin++ before).

@davidtavarez when the issue is resolved in TG, could you share an update here on the forums. With three reports in a matter of hours, it starts to smell like people are running a malicious version of Grin++ that steals their funds. I hope this is not the case

More likely, because people read something “might be wrong” they start searching for issues.
To me it reads like with the address being the same, @Skyr is referring to the receiving address from TO, which indeed is always the same :grin:, no matter what account you use since any wallet basically only has one slatepack address:

I mean if you read the reply, he is obviously talking about the address shown in the transaction overview, which is always the address from the wallet you are interacting with, not your own address.

The “missing” transaction was found in old wallet. Balance on both wallets are correct. I opened an issue on Github to track this and find the right solution: Wallet should not allow users to cancel a Finalized transaction. · Issue #220 · GrinPlusPlus/GrinPlusPlus · GitHub


Well, I’m not so smart as I was thinking…
Some time ago I wanted to send 1000 GRIN to but I had internet issue so I decided to cancel this transaction. I saw it on my wallet as “cancelled” but it occured that it was send to and after I log on it is visible there. I never thought that it passed. My walled was sync in the meantime and recovered on other PC so I was confused…

Nevertheless - FOUNDS were not stolen or disappeared. There are on

Big thanks to grin++ suport.