My receiving coins are stuck in (unconfirmed)

Running latest version of G++. I’ve restarted the wallet several times, re-synched and still nothing. It’s been 11 days now. Exchange shows complete, but wallet sits on unconfirmed status. Just an fyi my response slate pack has always stayed blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wallet is fully synched ? i think you didnt finalize the transaction. You still should have the coins.
Grin++ telegram channel.

Bug when transaction is not getting any confirmation is known and happens at grin-wallet as well, g++ has known problem with inability to cancel such tx, re-sync node will not help, its a wallet part.

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Yes, wallet is fully synched but no funds under received tab.

Can you post a screen shot of unconfirmed tx?

And provide kernel id to exchange support.

I have a similar problem although the transaction seems to be confirmed on-chain. G++ (v1.2.8) says unconfirmed. Any ideas?

First check that your node is synced and you waited enough blocks for transaction to be confirmed and that you are connected to peers. If that does not solve it try 1) restarting, 2) resync/download blocks, 3 ) restore from seed.

The third option should always work since it gets all information from the blockchain and not a local state, but you lose history of spend outputs/transactions thanks to cut-through.


Thanks. I’m trying resync now.

There also seems to be an issue with peers for me. I always seemed to have at least 10 but I’m now getting max 5 and sometimes only 2 or three. I’ve looked for a Common Issues help but didn’t find one as I’m sure these questions have been answered.

All ok after a the resync. Peers are now also back up, currently at 15. Sorry for bothering you with such a minor issue.

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Never a bother, always glad to help

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