Unconfirmed transactions between vm wallet to grin++ wallet


I have been trying to move funds from my in house vm to my grin++ wallet but am unsuccessful, even as such as I seem to have lost some of the coins in the process as one transaction is confirmed but no where to be found either in my source wallet or my destination wallet




Appreciate any help.

It appears that Grin++ is not able to sync past height 1136080. I’m not sure if the fault lies with Grin++ or with block 1136081. I am investigating now and will keep everyone in the loop. For now, avoid using Grin!!

This is affecting grin-wallet.

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Hey, thanks for the reply, what does avoid using Grin mean stop using the coin ? :smiley:
I am currently just moving the funds and not mining or anything.

I’m sorry, but just do not use the coin during these hours. You won’t lose anything but you will get a lot of unconfirmed transactions.

Understood, thank you for the quick reply - I will stop testing for now.

Cheers on a great project.

What do you think do we need to make a general announcement, warning people to stop using Grin (Grin++, Ironbelly and grin-wallet) until further notice with links to Telegram?:

Telegram: Contact @GrinPP

We’re already did on Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Maybe Keep in touch to help spread the word after the investigation could be good.

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Ok, I just added it as a post to the Forum as well, all though I cannot add it to Anouncements, I do not have the admin rights. maybe someone with authority can change the category of the post

Ah stink that explains why all my minded stuff is just sitting there unconfirmed…