Wallet diagnostics

Hi I’ve been mining on 2miners for several months now without a problem until last week. All the sudden my wallet is no longer updating.

They are saying it’s a problem with my Grin++ wallet, but it is fully synched and the address is green.

What else can I check in the wallet to see if there are any errors that is causing it not to update?

My wallet version is 1.2.8 on MacOS.

Any insights would be very helpful.

Maybe something wrong with grin++, try to check your grin wallet is correctly online or not
Otherwise, I suggest to use grin-wallet command line. much stable.

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First try restarting Grin++, it might already solve your issue.
If your address is green, it should be connected and up to date, but if you want to be on the safe size, just click Resync. The Resync button can be found by clicking on the button that looks like a audio switching panel, then Resync to re-download the complete blockchain.

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Thanks both for the prompt reply! Good news is the pool finally sent me the Grin. It took way longer than usual.

However, now I have another problem: it’s stuck in Unconfirmed status. I have resynched to the blockchain and have checked the wallet is online. I also verified the transaction on the Grin explorer.

Any recommendations on how to resolve this issue?

Please advise.

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Hello all -good news! The transaction finally cleared! Not used to waiting so long for confirmations (+over 24 hours in total), but it’s finally done.

Appreciate the fast response, I learned a lot from every response.

Have a great rest of your weekend.