Lost Grin coins while sending to TradeOgre

I send 3858 coins to TradeOgre, in my Grin++ wallet it was showing unconfirmed for allmost 24hrs, and on TradeOgre side it was showing pending, so I cancelled the transaction in Grin++. Now my coin are not in Grin++ nor in Tradeogre. I checked with TradeOgre support and they cancelled the transaction on their wallet.

If tradeogre didn’t receive your coins then you still have them, I’m not using grin++ but i would try cleaning data and syncing from start.

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This is what Tradeogre says
Received Tx 92252873-b07e-453c-b0d1-24370be0e232 2023-10-24 14:42:28 None false None 0 1 3858.454276306 0.0 None 3858.454276306 None 09eb12e62d76e7702437edca34020f99f448c4c4d1dd3d6b01be02db154b46bcba None
- Cancelled
it is unconfirmed and cancelled in our wallet

I resynced the node, also restored from seed in another mobile wallet (ironbelly) still no coins

09eb12e62d76e7702437edca34020f99f448c4c4d1dd3d6b01be02db154b46bcba seems like kernel, this kernel doesn’t exist on chain, so if this kernel was used then you should still have the coins.

it is strange why 24h not confirmed… Cant connect node ?

Not a rare issue, when users complain about not confirmed txns on Grin++, trying to cancel and then struggling to find out where their coins exist.

my guess is the send did not go thru at all, but after i cancelled the unconfirmed transaction my coins were lost somehow. May be there is some bug in the wallet

Hey @tcj2001, this is a known bug in Grin++ :beetle:, @davidtavarez is working on a fix.
Your coins are there, they are simply not shown properly in Grin++, they stay in the β€œlocked-state” even thought they should not be.
The good news is you can simply get access to those coins by restoring your wallet from the seed.
The bad news is that you have to go through the hassle of restoring from seed due to this bug.
See here a link to the github issue:

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but i already tried restoring from seed into another wallet and also restored into Ironbelly mobile wallet, both are not showing the coins

Tx not confirming 24 hour. This is problem imo, then cancelling the transaction.

That is quite mysterious. If the coins are not found after a restore when you waited for the node to fully sync, that means the coins were send successfully. However, with the transaction information you gave I cannot find a confirmed commit on the blockchain (using this awesome new block explorer. Did you cancel the transaction an try again or something? In such a case the transaction might have happened, but it would be with another TX ID and commit than the one you provided. Double check you copied the correct one.

I sent it only once and waited for 24 hrs, it was still unconfirmed, and on tradeogre side it was pending, so i cancelled the transaction in grin++. I contacted tradeogre about this, then they canceled the transaction on their end, ans send me this info
Received Tx 92252873-b07e-453c-b0d1-24370be0e232 2023-10-24 14:42:28 None false None 0 1 3858.454276306 0.0 None 3858.454276306 None 09eb12e62d76e7702437edca34020f99f448c4c4d1dd3d6b01be02db154b46bcba None

  • Cancelled
    it is unconfirmed and cancelled in our wallet

this is canceled transaction in grin++

Since you still see canceled transaction then you didn’t clean your data (if you sync from scratch without any data you never see canceled transactions). I’m assuming β€œkernels” is only a partial kernel, but anyway β€œkernels” is what’s needed to check if your transaction has been included in a block.

on the new wallet which was restored from seed, cancelled transaction is not there, this is from the original wallet that i sent the coin.

I was able to dig into the logs files and found some more infor can anyone make any sense out of it

[10/24/23 14:39:49.423+00:00] [info] [THREAD:140673539323648] Handle(42) - Sending slate: { β€œamt” : β€œ3858454276306”, β€œcoms” : [ { β€œc” : β€œ08397b24dcf800433f210b40e8eef59ee1119e1722b7658398b7dc785b1afa3a23” }, { β€œc” : β€œ0868fdbb7c8aae73e3f6431bff77786b5034b3f14bdd62b1637013dca2b41e4450” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09c7140ca35fe5c656e401fa6c9b7763bfa2001151e80fdb0b28c76e0c13e626f0” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08ae24c3b718a9cf08be0b1791ae4478e46285f0da69a64ce47dbd686c999aea8c” }, { β€œc” : β€œ0896bdd7afed14be2338a311f3158a388d841e3d162b0affc3b9ee9bcfc9c987bd” }, {β€œc” : β€œ086b8cd988ebdd2e79114a519aad9e57a8e753143f9815013f374189e5fa97300c” }, { β€œc” : β€œ081c735d1911250bb88500e7f8698ef5edf690d48590f05839e85f3fedb94361f8” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09395edbff8278c629da6dd3c45bfe8fbca26cd7e4f61ed167f7d56b68ab5f57a2” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09ffbbca528a7a6f28c7e9c711d1aaf15eddbc0e6f2c5ef2329171d86e76f9bb53” }, { β€œc” : β€œ085c1f101a9a688f53ea72aa4d61fc2f3a050b57def4eae8aba784c19f812e5224” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08af5f80f4881bb8f3c375a1a6843dd9aa39d189985546c3ba0dcca4eaed747a26” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09d3d9a5e6c66598014e89bdbeca1a735936f9508a6a4258953fb762038a6fcd29” }, { β€œc” : β€œ0902d900a61b757bc4c64f7cc03554949e82605127762ac49cd9dfcd643dc41d1f” }, {β€œc” : β€œ096f2978e63689be231b0bfb4aa8a5b9656cf8827302a639b455ef371ea81e64b5” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08c1e337e032f8f3d79b2efb1c1d80db6f341d38220f888da92ab61a12f8d2a6e1” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08cb3a17fe1db2a0645278c35db89d7abec6af5320a008126dbdb146f118cbc397” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08a8dd5c579108d91113e4ca114aa46426f58d7067d01634a99f40c6e4a5d7facb” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08680ce6daa29edcfb020d8b76652db5ecc95413ffccb5983cfb712c760c91470b” }, { β€œc” : β€œ097483249a99c4252ec0466ff3c794ca5c4638b5780b0fb7ed533dad9b01c183c6” }, { β€œc” : β€œ099d48a7e2ed4309f9095a1662254fc70ae5f133d931b9512c1f8c1002545fbc07” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08bc3f8a59d1360d3db16a01e9188c3832d5f51c9f83f319b8a9dcef94debcc9dc” }, {β€œc” : β€œ09bc19be61e7ed08d9a9f419d9fa04f4a6c93a8fdd2c75830dc5e347c168befc6d” }, { β€œc” : β€œ098999577d3d914ba1ddb48d71f7b2f802ac006d69fc2b3eff3c3d4ecaecbc04bc” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09e048674994c34f0c379deb0990a4fbb144da8bd25145686c7ed6986d225049d3” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09295705d12fa19150f32225dce4fc3ffdc8633efc93dffd48ca7240ba73efe2a1” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08a8a8f6c98b0bb213c32f08f3cf02c28d7562d48cb889f014a53385f9bdf7f1ad” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09bfb53d4f2684bfd797ef199716b7a049471176d68bd3153f17bee61e99f437e2” }, { β€œc” : β€œ087439d92d2cc173b38e799ac443d02e879bf9a5e3682144596be812afd6482b23” }, { β€œc” : β€œ091fcc14a612319d25777753500bcf2fc68055b49009bb25079481ad35d7d91b35” }, {β€œc” : β€œ08b8780fe425a98e9c75705f8392f6834a73eb444cda9e624086a681084b57e3d7” }, { β€œc” : β€œ083d995850fb2672c5f5fcff588d013183ddd11d02df2c44a2fdde2044d504b4ab” }, { β€œc” : β€œ087f126c513cfc7813fbbc6ad14c98c3f723227b8d611662eececdd3de32c834b1” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09da7ac5755e536059980b84e438d9d80907bdc015003d1a2777c238c082c2c228” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09f6b818b934dbcd16694b264e7d1126a7caaab60a028c85445eb3afe094f37724” }, { β€œc” : β€œ0882efd33b3921af96da9f18018607e3bd5394a5db1e3c877b00d978e3cb591e8d” }, { β€œc” : β€œ094916ef400f85a968540815421dbf59e5ad7c9e06b216bc41a76371d906b51238” }, { β€œc” : β€œ0955479009ea29827ceb29b11e32a52ef9c3f1c97daa201df92e49c096179f7e63” }, {β€œc” : β€œ09d8b1c0fd14044695ca27a8ea434f856aaf4d129e3d04c1c2016aecd9a78f3689” }, { β€œc” : β€œ085f5cc828efe9b9a79f3dae6055c41faf889229d2d91caac9ecb97a298de8d3e0” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08b7d76805ae0a782bee9242d8f27a77004750874c1662e44f28828a14d2aace94” }, { β€œc” : β€œ0973256007e54bdf34374ba02aed6dccfed93536fda51046b599bd8deb521b8398” }, { β€œc” : β€œ080d24a046999363302d17602fda4f63f5fa5d7097fd8664cc76b2d9f207ecaeb7” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08dad3fbef1c224720fec778d1f44bd3d3eb085f6baf949c653d12eb432f23a867” }, { β€œc” : β€œ09cb1709853edace5c25108149ffcc51ebc8153354916a802f68f65a3620086c8d” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08526b50170db17d27a3449bc646b1e4f62da452612fa323f6fef8f13c20972192” }, {β€œc” : β€œ08a69e8c247bc03c156cd0219a8206987c908adc74a5e68a73d09dfbaa01b0b09c” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08e59347720b759164a40f66ac62f81d69d5040a0a4b11dbbbfbfd8c3f9fdc1c0a” }, { β€œc” : β€œ0944372d74b639d5ff45ff67ca043d806ce7602e9db54b7382452fc7e186b64c27” }, { β€œc” : β€œ08a432ccb68370f5e345fa5019c546c195151c33c913497d0cde6735dd06cc5eba” } ], β€œfee” : 36500000, β€œid” : β€œ92252873-b07e-453c-b0d1-24370be0e232”, β€œoff” : β€œaaf2ded7bba211be5e4ab9b80ee945e014ad87283ddce5d0157b872148c11f2d”, β€œsigs” : [ { β€œnonce” : β€œ03737f0d3bb869dbea7538c36f3277abdc52b5bac9911ad9d3253fdd42e80127a5”, β€œxs” : β€œ03cb0ab8d4810891c7e18ef8509c63c6bc8c7e905efbd89560a417a1d89a1418a2” } ], β€œsta” : β€œS1”, β€œver” : β€œ4:5”}

Is this Grin++ team support channel?

Telegram: Contact @GrinPP #minimum character limit

This sounds like the same issue I had and made a rant/flame about. Eventually @davidtavarez worked with me for about a month on the issue before just giving me grin out of his pocket. He did not fix the issue. Sounds like this bug will remain and Grin++ is unstable / unsafe to use, correct me if I’m wrong, thanks.

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That’s correct. The fix is being tested on this PR here Hotfix (test): Ignorting initial status of slate while trying to finalize by davidtavarez Β· Pull Request #234 Β· GrinPlusPlus/GrinPlusPlus Β· GitHub

I’m very close to finally solve this.