Help! Transacting from wallet713 to Bittrex <Solved>

Hi all!

I have a problem transacting grin to Bittrex.
I am using wallet713 and I tried sending that amount to Bittrex.
First of all, why are all of my coins locked now? Is it there a way to cancel this transaction?


When I try to submit the file to Bittrex, I get a message that the file is already been used, or not valid

Please help! :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Ok, I canceled the transaction with a repair command, and coins are back and spendable. :slight_smile:

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The fact that coins moved to “Awaiting Confirmation” in the second screenshot seems strange to me. Does anyone have a guess as to what was happening here?

Most likely it was a problem with exchange’s wallet.

Well guys, again the same thing happened. The transaction did not go through.
I am trying to understand why there are 2.63 grin awaiting confirmation?
Could it be a problem in the wallet itself?

I think perhaps the wallet is supposed to do that. You had an output of 52, so when you sent 50, it locked all 52 and put the remaining 2 in your receiving area. Once your transaction slate is confirmed on the network, You will receive the 2 back into your main wallet.

I must admit it looks very confusing to a new user!

Yes, the 2.63 is most likely a change output that is awaiting confirmation. If your transaction didnt get through you could cancel it and retry.

Could there be a better way to show or handle this for the wallet? The slate isn’t complete or broadcast yet, so the change output isn’t really “Awaiting Confirmation”, but rather, “Locked in Slate”.

Just a follow up:

I updated the wallet and everything works great! I can send via files and https to different exchanges with no problem. Thanks to everyone that tried to help! :slight_smile:

I love the technology behind GRIN, but please make it more user friendly and understandable. I would also love an official Windows wallet! :wink:


glad to hear @andro! - a windows compatible wallet713 version is coming soon, will post here once available.