Missing grin and transactions in Grin++

Hello, I have been using Grin++ and mining with the same wallet since may of last year. Somewhere along the line about 38 grin and the transactions have gone missing done in May and June. No records of sent. Oddly, transactions done in July are showing done on Aug 14th and everything since is fine. There were times I had to resync and even delete the node folder to fix issues with Grin++. I have .sst and log files in the user folder on the dates of the transactions that are missing also.

In order to troubleshoot I installed Grin++ on another computer and put in the seed which after syncing shows identical except the dates are from 1970.

Please and thank you.

Additionally there is a received transaction of .01 grin which I have never done showing on 8/14.

Transactions don’t just disappear. I’ve never even implemented a “delete” method for transactions, only add and get. If you restored using seed, whatever balance was found is how much that wallet owns. Aside from some very short-lived bugs in a few pre-releases shortly before the first hardfork (when the bulletproof scheme changed), Grin++ has never issues with missing grins.

re: sst/log files: We’ve been using sqlite since late May though, so those files wouldn’t be much use. Those are for the old rocksdb wallet database.

Yea, known issue. Only off by about 50 years :laughing:

Was I helping you with an issue about that time? Sending 0.01 grins to diagnose receiving issues is my M.O.

Thank you for your reply David. I have never engaged with you or anyone regarding grin until now. I don’t know what happened, and I hope to make some sense of this. I don’t ever recall sending any grin, and there is no transaction that shows sent. I have never used another wallet either. I still have the old json and response files too. I see the transactions on grinmint, and look at my wallet and something is not right. I have never received any grin from anyone else. I dont have HTTP transactions enabled, only used files. Here are screen shots from my grin wallet and grinmint.

As you can see there are transactions not there, and many with the wrong date all on 8/14. Then the .01 grin.

Cool, thanks for sharing this info. For the missing transaction, do you have the slate file for it? You should be able to get the kernel commitment from that, and we can check if it’s confirmed.

If you’re not sure where to look on the file, you can DM me the slate and I’ll find it for you.

I would like to DM you but cannot find where to do so and I guessing it’s because I’m new to the forum. I have opened the json and response files in a text editor and see the commit data with comma separated numbers. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

I just tried to withdraw Grin from Poloniex using Grin++ v0.77 and it failed for no apparent reason. I never had any issue withdrawing from Poloniex using Grin++ so i’m not sure what went wrong.
I noticed - in difference to older versions of Grin++ - that when i click on “receive” that first an error appears every single time i switch from some menu to “receive”

However when i click on refresh it dissapears every time.

Is there a way to check if the provided download-URL is “open”…because now i have to write a ticket to poloniex so my GRIN gets restored what could take forever and i’m afraid that the next try will fail too for no apparent reason because next try basically nothing would be different

Go to http://your_tor_address.grinplusplus.com/v2/foreign and if it returns a json response (even if it includes some kind of error message), then your wallet is accessible

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Grin  3

so does this mean everything is ok?
I just realize the provided 2 Grin++ Addresses are basically the same:

  1. Address: http:// + [ADRESS] + .grinplusplus.com
  2. Adress: ADRESS
    i used the first one since Poloniex did not accept the second one due to the missing “http://”
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Yep, looks like it’s listening fine.

Poloniex did restore the grin, the second try it did finally work, though i acted both times exactly the same. Strange. However thanks for your support.