Help i just loged on my wallet and all grin is gone

im not shure what happend here but i lost all grin in my wallet i done sometihing wrong or i been hacked this is in the file Transaction Info

ID: 9
UUID: 1bb17f6c-c1fd-4a9d-bb03-84c8e5766e48
Credited: 1.080953850ツ
Debited: 199.081953850ツ
Confirmed Height: 229154


Commitment: 09b6c1f0ca72…
Keychain Path: m/0/0/1493092189
Amount: 1.080953850ツ
Status: Immature
Block Height: 229154

is there something i can do ???

which wallet did you use?

i used grin ++ v0.5.5 windows wallet

Seems like you sent 198 grin to someone. Are you saying you didn’t do this transaction? Then how is it in your log? Did someone else use your computer or did you share your 24 words with someone? cc @david

Yes, I’d love to know the answers to @mcdallas’s questions. If you’re certain you didn’t do this transaction, then download and install this pre-release version:

Login, and click the gear near the upper right. In there, click “Scan for outputs”, close the modal, wait 3 or 4 seconds, and click refresh. If there’s still an issue, Click the question mark button in the upper right and submit a problem with as many details as you can remember (past txns you sent, did you use the seed in other wallets, etc.). Then respond here once you’ve submitted the problem.

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no i did not do this transaction i was here alone the whole day and im the only one who uses the pc i stored my 24 words on a usb that is in a draw that is locked i have to work i will send the log info later today the only thing i can think of is that i use a free wifi thats open
thx for the response i come back later to give more info






this is all it show in outputs


I found the logs you submitted. Did you ever try sending to another Grin++ user? This is from your logs:

[2019-06-24 12:17:55.306] [info] Sending to:
[2019-06-24 12:17:55.307] [info] Sending: 198000000000

no that was not me that day i try to receive grin and get an error message so i try it a few times and i get the same message so downloaded a new wallet i see now it was not the richt place i think that wallet is the problem
here is where i get it from

Wow. Danger. How did you manage to find Grin++ on that site? Did someone send you a link?

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no i googled it and it was the first one on i was in a hurry didn’t think it true and not i have to pay the price i should have been more careful

ouch, this story made me cry

sorry for your lost, next time always download wallet from their official site and verify the content.