Grin wallet - cant see my grins

hey guys. i just resieved some grins to my grin++ wallet before hardfork and after hardfork. but after latest grin++ upgrade i cant see my grins that resived before hard fork and transections i can only see grin transections and grins that i recieved after hard fork. i just rescan blockchanin and scan for outputs but it is still same. can someone help me?

Have you looked at a block explorer to see if the outputs are still unspent? @david any ideas or insight?

What version of Grin++ are you using?

Test using V0.6.1 & in the settings have “Use Enhanced Database” un-selected

I’m aware of one possible cause, and am working on a fix. I’ll have a new version for you to try in a few hours.

i was using v0.6.1 everything was ok, but after i update it v0.6.2 that happen.

Thank you @David, you have always been very helpful. I’m sure I’m not only speaking for myself when I say we really really really appreciate your help.