Lost Grin when wallet was recovered using seed phrase - plz help

Hey guys. Unfortunately, I think most of my Grin are lost forever, but I am coming here for any help as a last resort.

My node was getting an error (running Grin Version 1.0.0). This was a known error called “Server Crash with Segmentation Fault.”

I followed yeastplume’s advice in a github thread where this error was claimed to have been resolved or closed to run code “rm -r ~/.grin” and then restore Grin and Grin Wallet.

After running this code, I was able to successfully run a full node again and then successfully recovered my wallet using seed phrases.

Here is the bad part. While my confirmed transactions were fully recovered, the majority of my Grin in the prior wallet were in the “Awaiting Confirmation (<10)” section of the wallet. My node went down before the Grin from those transactions could get confirmed. When I recovered the wallet, those awaiting confirmation Grin did not show up in my newly restored wallet even after searching for transactions, etc. and are now nowhere to be found.

I fear those awaiting confirmation Grin are lost forever, but here I am now hoping I just did something terribly wrong and there is a fix for this. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or advice or could otherwise point me in the right direction.

Link to the github thread mentioned above is below for those further interested.

Technically I think as long as you have your seed and not send anywhere, your Grin is should be in your wallet.
Rebuild a new wallet and wait for sync? And should backup anything before command ‘rm’.

Are you certain that those transactions had been “finalized” and broadcast by the sender? It should only have taken about 10 minutes for them to fully confirm after that’s done.

It’s impossible to say whether these transactions were actually broadcasted into the network. If you cannot see them, then ask the sender to broadcast/finalize them.

Well, technically they are confirmed as soon as they are included in a block, the 10 confirmations constraint is enforced by grin-wallet.