[Hotbit] Grin announcement

No support yet for slatepack

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Same thing for Bitforex

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Nice, waiting gate.io :wink:

i reached out to hotbit support team via email and telegram to tell them that HTTPS is no longer supported and they are aware of the problem now and working on slatepack implementation. i got in touch with a listing manager who gave me all these infos

we have updated the wallet to the newest one. right now, we only support the transfer based on https. we are developing the transfer based on Slatepack Address.

for those like me who want to have Hotbit supporting grin please reach out to them via email or simply on their official telegram . you can also reach out to their support members on telegram, please don’t spam them, just make your voice be heard.

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Do not use Hotbit.

They did not support slatepack, while saying they did. I asked them how does this work. I got banned from their group.


what about Kucoin… when will they enable deposit again? any1 knows?

and is there any list of exchanges where they accept deposit/widrals of GRIN ? im looking for a list

Hi, see this thread

And this one