Active exchanges 3.0

Dear all,

I start this post to make an overview of active exchanges with the purpose of putting it on the grin CC website. It puzzled me for a long time that such relevant information for the community was so hard to find.
If you use any Grin exchange, please post here all relevant information on your user experience with that exchange such as whether these exchanges have:

  • KYC/no-KYC

  • Support for withdrawal and deposit

    • slatepack
    • tor
    • memo
    • https
  • If the exchange is Decentralized

  • Trading pairs

  • other relevant info

The last overview is a year old post thanks from @bluimes, so an updated overview is long overdue. Your efforts will be directly used for creating an exchange overview that can be shown on the grin community council website that will go live very soon. Also we can link the overview in newsletters and on social media.

I will update this post with an overview

Active exchanges 3.0

Trade Ogre (TO)

  • No KYC
  • BTC-Grin trading-pair
  • Supports withdrawal
    • Slatepacks


  • No KYC
  • Decentralized
  • BTC-Grin trading-pair
    • BTC collateral equivalent to asking price when selling Grin


  • No KYC
  • Withdrawal supported

  • KYC
  • Buying and selling of Grin not supported for EU citizens
  • Withdrawal and deposit (using memo system)



ZB integrated G1 TOR but wallet isnt listening cant deposit. /Withdrawal support
Hotbit :https method. withdrawal problem.
Bkex updated wallet recently G1 TOR No withdrawal
Bibox :wallet CLOSED
AEX : wallet CLOSED
Kucoin: wallet CLOSED
Coinex:wallet CLOSED
Yunex : wallet CLOSED

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This year i bought some Grin on Bitforex and could transfer it to my wallet

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  • Slatepack
  • Deposit needs 30 confirmations :slight_smile:
  • Withdraw process immediately :heart_eyes:

In my opinion best grin exchange until now :muscle:


See here the overview of active exchanges, thanks to @Cobragrin:

We are looking into adding 100x App, an escrow service APP that is still in beta, requires a phone number and bio-metrics to setup so not so private, but they actively promote Grin and make it easy to buy grin via Paypal and Venmo.

  • added ZB Exchange ZB exchange (KYC-Memo)

  • Bkex enabled withdrawal also (KYC-Memo)

Bkex and ZB Exchange Deposit TOR addresses are offline atm. Check TOR adress if it is available before you send.

I contacted support of both exchanges about it, they have not fixed yet it.

They both implemented TOR adresses with MEMO, same as


aprox every 30 days we update global mining stats as an overview:

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Funny thing - there is no KYC requirement on gate io for my account. Quite surprising, as I deposited tether, bought some grins and withdraw a few days ago. I have an account created in 2017 and I’ve never ever done KYC or anything (no trading at all). To be honest I forgot about that account xD so guys, check your old accounts!