Exchanges and slatepack support

As a community member i tried to help and reached out to exchanges and explain them that now following the last HF, grin only supports slatepack. i reached out to Tradeogre, GateIo, Kucoin and hotbit.

Tradeogre : one message on twitter and one day later they updated to v5.
regarding other exchanges, i didn’t send a single email, i just started stalking listing managers on linkedin, and admins on telegram. some support members helped me to reach out to the right people.

i setup few groups, included @lehnberg and tried to introduce him. Daniel joined the conversations but unfortunately he wasn’t very invested. i kept trying to push the conversation, getting updates from contacts (harass them) and also included some other community members in the conversation. i tried to do my best despite my poor english level and tech understanding. i wish daniel was more invested trying to reach out to these people. this is part of his role in grin …

Exchanges seemed lost, they kept asking me for documentation, PR link and wanted to get some examples like hotbit. i included @quentinlesceller to the conversation and he provided some examples. some weeks later, hotbit had some questions to ask, nobody responded so i added @davidtavarez and he had a chat with them.

As i said , i’am not a tech guy and david added this issue in github asking for help. hotbit is reaching out trying to implement slatepack and we don’t even respond. i know that previous issues from the last bugbash got zero answers and bugs are still unresolved.

all i’am saying is that it’s easy to get in touch on telegram and these guys takes some time to repond but always repond.

Getting the transaction list by the block height (Owner API) · Issue #595 · mimblewimble/grin-wallet · GitHub.
please let’s try to resolve this issue so we can get back to hotbit

my next target is kucoin. @lehnberg can you please ping them ? we already got in touch with their listing manager “Fiamma”

thank you


we are forcing Kucoin for months but they gave generic answers. Last time they got enough and told us they gonna delist. But i dont believe this and we still mention with twitter and support tickets.

Thank you for your effort mate.


you guys are forcing exchange integration way too much, not realizing you might end up hurting grin. Sorry for saying that, but that’s the reality, we are not ready to be on the exchanges. Thinking that a coin needs to be on 10 exchanges is (in the case of grin at this time) silly imo. I imagine these are some of the reason people think that might be necessary:

  1. “we need liquidity to get new folks” → no, people like to hodl or use it for something, you can’t hodl grin since its inflation rate is currently too high (i mean you can, but probably not with the intention of making profit which is what 99% of people want to do). There is currently no real usage from grin (that doesn’t mean it will fail, we just need to make it more useful and i believe it will happen slowly with time)
  2. “we need to grow the community now” → i don’t see why this should be true, what we need is only to grow the technically capable people to study and improve grin currently imo

The only advantage i currently see for having more liquidity is for people to be able to dump their bags (which is a fair reason)

So you want less users and less exchanges to make Grin grow?

You are again referring the same broken record’‘inflation is high’’ .

You dont realise but you are dictating too much about direction of Grin.

Neglecting exchange and users is a bad idea.


I’m not dictating anything, i’m just letting my opinions be known frequently. What i’m doing is exactly the opposite of neglecting exchanges and users, it’s because i care that much about them that i’m vocal about this. I’ll stop here, i’ve said what i’ve wanted

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You are blaming us hurting Grin. i think the opposite. You come nowhere become the loudest voice suddenly.

Your opinion about inflation is high,less users,less exchanges, Grin needs doormant period is wrong.

He guys, I respect all your opinions. @Mokhtar thank you for communicating with so many exhanges. @vegycslol, I get where you are comming from, I mean we are still debating about the best workflow for interaction with exchanges and you only just finished the first version of the testnet exchange. We should avoid making relations with exhanges souer by spamming them to much.

Personally I feel that the truth (my opinion) lies somewhere in between.
It is silly not to get Grin on more exchange or get more users to use Grin. I mean seriously, Grin is usable by now, we do not need to hide Grin from the world.
At the same time we do have to be carefull in our communication and not try to force adoption since this could spoil relations with exchanges that might adopt when we could offer better template solutions.

@vegycslol is working on a testnet exhange, maybe that code can be used in a more mature version as template for real exhanges, I surely hope so. For the time being it is still alpha version.
Till that time comes, we should find a balance, communicate with exchanges whille respecting the postion of Grin which is not that of strong coin with a high market cap and a lot of adoption just yet.
Increasing use radoption, I think we can already increase adoption a lot this year. Grin has good wallet software, and I expect community projects can and should increase Grin adoption in this year. We can all play a part in increasing adoption, e.g. I paid two bounties of 1 Grin today for some well made Grin memes by people who helpe grin adoption and gave me a good laugh with these memes:


@lehnberg should have done what you had to do. Maybe I don’t know if he did, but if he didn’t do, that’s a big mistake.
I know that Grin’s road map will not interact with the stock exchanges. I also support this idea. However, it is a big mistake to keep little contact with the listed exchanges.
It was also a big mistake that exchanges were not ready for it after switching to Slatepack.
The developer team should hold themselves accountable for this. Without excuse.
Thank you for your help. @Mokhtar


Let us not jump to conclusions, I know the developers had contact with exchanges, if that was to little or not I am unable to judge. My guess is that the developers simply try to find a balance between contacting, informing and facilitating while not trying to be to pushy which could have an averse effect. Where that balance lies differs per person, so again, no right or wrong there.

Hi, I’m a Rust dev that just started working on Grin. I’m curious, could someone point me to the type of technical integration questions that exchanges ask? Thanks muchly. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club! Rust developers are more than welcome, wish I had the time myself to learn it.
@lehnberg @vegycslol If I am not mistake you both had technical contact with exchanges, do you know what questions they have or bottlenecks they encounter?
@trevyn Is this a challenge you would like to work on?

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I never had any contact with the exchanges, i can only guess from my testnet experience, I’ll ping him


@trevyn Is this a challenge you would like to work on?

This definitely seems like something that’s important to the community. :slight_smile: I’d love to take a closer look at what’s involved, and I do think that we should have more than one working exchange!

(For reference, vegycslol posted some great details over at keybase://chat/grincoin#dev/18785 )


Thank you @Mokhtar for all your efforts to contact the exchanges.

@vegycslol we are not ready to be on the exchange?

How do you want to find uses for GRIN if it is not accessible to people?

I think it’s important to keep good contacts with the exchanges, I already mentioned it here

And the proper functioning of the exchanges also contributes to the GRIN ecosystem

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How silly a guy to argue in this way? You intend to destroy the Grin ecosystem on purpose.