Grin Address not working and slatepack

hello everyone.
as you may know Grin address not working in most cases and because of that exchanges are in trouble and they suspended grin transfers.
also slatepack is not the best option for send and receive coins because it need another platform to share slatepack and it compromise confidential transections.
I think when Grin start to attract people then this problem can destroy our chance to raise Grin market cap.
in this bullrun people are searching for new projects and new chances.
alot of people ask me about Grin after charlie lee mentioned MW and i even did not know how to explain ordinary people how they use slatepack on tradeogre to send Grin.
I hope our genius dev teams can solve this problem.
good luck.

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Actually, for all those pools and exchanges that support it, it works fine.
Do you have problems with a specific wallet? E.g. with the rust node on Windows you need to download tor.exe (core so not Tor browser) and add it to your Windows path variable. This is not great, I am not even sure if the address works if you do not perform these steps. Luckily we will change this very soon, bounties will be created for making easy one click installers for the grin rust implementation node and wallet, with tor build in. With Grin++ the grin slate-pack address just works out of the box.