Had issues with Trade Ogre; resolved with David's (Grin++) help

Lost 3k GRIN when trying to transfer to TO using slatepacks with Grin++. No help from David. Don’t trust this project. Check my forum history, I’m not a new user and this isn’t a joke.

I’ve used TO and Grin++ extensively, and I recognize you’re a long time user. Can you elaborate? Did TO fuck you? Is there a bug with Grin++? Were you using mobile or desktop?

Possibly related: 2 Grin++ wallets showing same address

@dog you know we always find the solution, it just took longer this time. DM me again.

Is it possible for a mod to change the title to a more appropriate / technical title that describes this problem or simply change it to reflect that not only did David put in HOURS of work to fix this issue but also made it right for me?

My apologies for such aggression in the OP – everyone knows how frustrating it is when you “lose your money”, but again this has been rectified and my faith in GRIN has been fully restored now that I understand this issue and how it will be fixed.


Once I had a problem withdrawing from TO to grin++. The problem was, that grin++ was not able to read the first step SLATEPACK created from TO. And TO had no option to cancel the withdrawal. Similar withdrawals where processed before and later. But for this SLATEPACK grin++ gave an error. As a solution I used an other wallet than grin++ to complete that transaction.

I think you should capture screenshot of error or upload the grin++ log for better understanding.