After 1.5 years still NO ''Transactions for ALL''

i am referring this topic to Grin Core team…we (average users,whom Grin target mostly imo)

still lost coins due to deposit and withdrawals…Hardly transfer without problem after hardforks…

Did you change the motto ‘’ Transactions for all ,Grin wants to be usable by everyone ‘’ changed to Grin

only usable by people who can code or mine?

Do you have intentions to give hint to community about it?

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Can’t speak for the Core team so this is my own view of the situation. There has been some nice work on slatepacks which can be used today by exchanges. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have implemented the new flow yet. This is not something the Core team can solve. The transition will take time and is up to exchanges to do it. There will be some additional improvements (almost lock free txs) to the flow that should make it even better for exchanges. I am quite happy with the progress I’ve seen in the last year and am confident we will get there.


thnx for reply.

if it would be good for users and exchanges,why exchanges almost 50 ,none of them still dont implement it.?

Slatepacks is still in progress with exchanges impllementing or it is done all and exchanges decide last step?

i think exchanges and core team have contact with each other.They can say somethng about process,and people dont struggle about it.

i’am an avg user and honestly i can’t understand your frustration. transaction on grin are little bit different, once you understand how things works it will be more fluent.
Grin ++ and niffler are making things easy. we will need maybe some tutorials for beginners

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apparently you dont join telegram and discord channels…There are many users suffer.

Ask wallet devs ,they become the ticket guy in stadium.

i’am on telegram, twitter etc trying to help ask much as i can. if you have difficulties feel free to ask and will be more than happy to make you one of us, a grin soldier.

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read first message…

I’ve seen exchanges implement the integration very poorly. Can’t say all of them do that, but since Grin is interactive, it needs some more thinking from exchanges.


you mean they are testing implementation of slatepacks now?

No, I mean even previous versions. You need to have error handling because things can go wrong due to interactivity. Unfortunately, they often don’t have this handling in place. Slatepacks could improve this if integrated correctly.

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thnx for info…still not usable anyway.

That’s like saying a computer is unusable because someone doesn’t know how to use it and it is clearly far from being unusable :slight_smile: This is why we need to improve the documentation and make some easy to follow introduction to Grin so that anyone can understand how to use it.

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i know how to use just got problems when receiving and sending coins.

what are you talking about?

Your comments like saying there is no problem,but i can help and suddenly i am using computer first time?

No sense…

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Sorry I didn’t make it more clear, but I was talking about the exchanges, not you. My guess is that most of them have poorly implemented Grin integration because they are not used to interactive transactions. I could be wrong though, but I know some of them certainly do have that and is why they have so many support tickets.

ok sorry,i tought you were referring to me.But it is nt the point.
i am using since last year.

And imagine first time users.

this is how my grin transaction history on an exchange look like, despite using Grin++:

There have been clearly huge issues with grin transactions, one can really hope that they have been solved with the slatepacks. Too bad that the exchanges seems to not have implemented them yet.


thats what i am talking about !

Hello, first of all I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost coins, I hope it’s not permanently. What happened?

The phrase you quote (“Electronic transactions for all”) is not something that comes from a core decision. We, the people who were around and active on the forum at the time, had a lot of different ideas for what Grin’s vision and mission statement, should be. What we wanted Grin to aim to reach, at some point. We even took a vote about it, but in the end were not able to reach a conclusive decision when we tried to agree on a final mission statement. I did some digging in the old meeting notes just now and found this note that you might find interesting:

I think it’s accurate to say that we’d like Grin to be usable for everyone. I also think it’s accurate to say that we’re not there yet, we have a lot of work to do before we get there. That’s why we’re here. :+1:

If you think something is incorrect in the text on the website, you have a chance to improve it for all of us, you can make suggestions or submit a pull request against the repo directly:

The phrase you refer to is here:


Thank you for replying first of all…

‘‘Electronic transactions for all’’ is not from the whitepaper and motto? So every crytpo core target is that.So you frame now GRin from out of there?

What do you understand the term of currency? i didnt ask about privacy,scalable,etc…i asked about instabillity…Everybody is not using command line.

But those arent the points,you politically answering just.
You are giving links to github…
i just gave my feedback to you about huge issues with grin transactions after hardforks.

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You forgot to read this before you downloaded, installed and started to buy Grin. This is your fault and now stop harassing us with your failure.