After 1.5 years still NO ''Transactions for ALL''

who harrased you ? and who you are?

how old are you?

You did with this post. My name is Beer and I am 33. Now… again…

gtfo and finanalize yourself…

Dude’s got a point.
I know it’s been discussed that Beam has a wonderful wallet and easy to use like any other crypto unlike Grin.
But hes got a point.

Lol… look at that post… which is polite and well written. Now look at your hate post… Besides, I never spoke a word about it again… as I don’t give a shit about a few dollars… I bet that is difference between you and me :slight_smile:

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lol who cares about you? you just killing the subject.

You obviously do… :slight_smile: And I just wrecked your subject. No thank you needed.

ok are really clever for your age.

Thank you. It appears to me that you are particularly good at making one liners that absolutely don’t make any sense in response to the last post.

I can’t code or mine, or use Linux, and I managed to use grin (node + wallet). Use niffler if u want an easy wallet.

The fact that the grin devs don’t really give too much of a shit about UX -and instead- care more about creating a better money, is a feature, not a bug.


Man,thanks for replying…i use grin+,nifffler and ironbelly…Https or file transfer…No problem with that.

what i mean is below in the foto9cb4154855a48daca37057d842e88bad2de5ce06_2_690x201


The main problem was already identified earlier in the discussion, sending transactions from some exchanges and mining pools sucks. This is partly the fault of Grin still being in development and having interactive transactions. Lets hope ‘mostly lock free transactions’, offline transactions or simply addoption of the slate pack standatd by exchanges and mining pools will solve these issues once and for all. We know these frustrations have been experienced by many users, not only @Spartakus.


thank you for summarizing the subject…

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It was getting rather off topic, so I thought summarizing it would get the conversation back where it belonged.


بله همینطورهئت الان که به نظرمن جامعه ای نداریم هرکس برای خودش هرکاردوست داره میکنه و کسی به فکرمردم نیست

1.5 years is not much for a cryptocurrency. But it is always good to do Grin accessible sooner because if not a small group of tech nerds will have advantage over this early high-inflationary period. Not such fatal as in coins with limited supply but anyway this makes the distribution less fair.


yes thats the bulleyes! Non-techs people faces some problems and they scare,despite how much we talk about mw spell…

Those transaction difficulties put a bad fame.Nontech people dont care the price drop,morever loosing their coins in stuck txs.

Thats a bad fame for Grin.

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yes less fair for the people.kills the idea of this project.

Thanks for clarifying…

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Best way solve Grin problems is find professional and talent developers and to pay money to best developers, namely Gavin Wood hi is author of the yellow paper ETH.