Yes yes yes! Slatepacks are working like a charm!

Big shout out to all Grin devs as well to @davidburket and @davidtavarez for his work on Grin++. For the first time ever since I hodl I made a transaction out of my wallet. At this point I only trust the work of David so I tested his Grin++ wallet.

In matter of seconds the transaction from Grin core wallet was confirmed on Grin++.
I am really proud of this work guys. Awesome. I can’t wait for the last hardfork!

(I will test other wallets soon)


Not really, I have a transaction pending(“Receiving”) for 6 days after using slatepack.

I can’t reproduce this

Try creating a second account in Grin++ and sending from one to another.

do you use two pc ? you need by online to receive or do slatepack message and you need finalize it

i try from cli wallet to mobil and work nice no problem

Jup that is the thing I believe, when I switch accounts or launch grin ++ twice one of the addresses become orange meaning: not good to go. Different pc is no problem. I think if you make a message it should work, like you suggested.

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The sender needs to finalize the transaction.

I did finalize the transaction on the other account in Grin++

What status is the transaction in the sender account? It might need to be reposted.

Btw, I recommend updating to 1.1.4-beta.7 ( It has a ton of bug fixes. I should’ve released a non-beta 1.1.4 a long time ago, but I just haven’t had the time.

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It’s Sending (Unconfirmed)
Reposting the transaction fails.

trying the beta…

1.1.4-beta.7 didn’t help.
Made a new transaction, same result.

tried slatepacks with grin++ and core wallet and with problem.smooth

easy than sending an email.Thanx guys.


Strange. For me it’s working… Working like a charm.

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In that case I’ll just empty that account by sending to an exchange and get over with it.

Oh look at that, even sending to https doesn’t work for the test account (yet my main account works fine).

Don’t chop hot. If you are going to sell, you will only make it worse for yourself and you will not prove anything to anyone. However, it’s up to you to decide.

You can always wait for the new version of the wallet and the problem will probably be resolved.

@Samurai i noticed you had a hard time with exchanges in the past and now with Wallets too. I understand this is frustrating, in the past i had issues with both myself. However David mentioned that the 1.1.4-beta.7 has “a ton of bug fixed”, so the version before the beta has obviously some rough edges. And the suggested “beta” is still a beta. Since the beta did not solve your problem i would just recommended to wait for a stable version and see if it fixes your problem. For now it seems there is nothing much you can do. With mimblewimble at least you can be sure that when transfering between 2 Wallets fails you don’t lose your Grin.

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I’m only pointing out that things still don’t work “like a charm” like the title says.
I’m pointing out that exchanges has trouble serving users and that the basic thing of sending Grin is not working.
I’m just surprised to still encounter these basic bugs after 2 years…

Oops, it seems that sending to https didn’t work for my main account as well (coins are ‘sent’ but it appears as “failed” on the BKEX exchange).

From my main account the coins are “sent”
From the test account they did not confirm so I managed to cancel the tx
Yet on BKEX both txs appear as “failed”

So currently I have lost some coins due to failed transaction and need to contact support to see if they can do something about that tx.

edit: the exchange funded my account with the “lost” coins.